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Maybe Next Year

Maybe Next year

This was the closest we got to seeing Santa this year. He’s just on the other side of that tree. It was my idea to at least snap this picture before we got in line. The hat was totally Parker’s idea.


  1. okay, he IS cuter than my dog….and there is NOTHING cuter than my Mini Schnauzer! Look at those eyes!

  2. He is a very handsome young man — who knows he is very well loved by his parents.

    Hey — what are his favorite books? Another great blog category…..

  3. Why disguise the lame reason for modern seasonal consumerism by lying to the kids about existence of Santa Claus and having someone pretending to be someone they’re obviously not? Please don’t.

    Let’s pretend for our gay youths that gay folks can get married and live happily ever after — only to wait till later and they find out: Oh wait. No, you can’t.

  4. I haven’t tried to do Santa with my son lately. The last time we tried, it wasn’t pretty.