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Let’s Go to Video

So the C.I.A. probably has more torture video and we heard a long time ago that that the Pentagon has video of children being raped at Abu Ghraib. Reporter Seymour Hersh said of those tapes “the worst is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking.” Tell me again why these and other videos shouldn’t be released for public viewing. Tell me again why we shouldn’t see all the “war porn” our tax dollars have paid for. (And that Democrats voted should continue paying for.)

One Comment

  1. The USA Patriot Act protects information gathered during terrorist investigations. The ACRONYM, Patriot Act, represents a series of words that clearly in their basic spirit are created to preserve and protect information gained in any investigation into terrorism.

    The USA Patriot Act provides for the criminal prosecution of those involved in the destruction of evidence in a terrorist interrogation or investigation.

    It is a FELONY VIOLATION of the USA Patriot Act to destroy videotaped evidence of terrorist suspect’s confessions and information they release under an interrogation.

    Any person in a position in the government of the United States that fails to act by prosecuting those responsible for the destruction of the CIA tapes of terrorist suspects in in violation of the USA Patriot Act under the legal strategy MISAPRION of FELONY.

    Misaprion of Felony is a felony offense and can be prosecuted using the USA Patriot Act.

    Where are all the Patriots? Why am I the only person on the internet suggesting that the law that threatens so much of our American freedoms is the very law that can liberate U.S. from these threats.

    The branch of your enemies tree is the very jawbone from the ass that will rid you of your fascist corporate dictators.

    Have courage, use the USA Patriot Act to prosecute your criminal element in your government.