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Brand New Year, Same Old Pope

I should have know better when, in a previous post, I let myself hope that the Pope’s reported focus on exorcisms would divert attention from his usual targerts.

Still I’m kind of hoping it’s true, and that Ratzenberger will go off on a “satanic panic” and leave gay folks and our families alone.

But the Vatican denied that they were taking on Satan in the New Year, so they have plenty of time to demonize families like mine.

Madrid’s Plaza de Colon and surrounding areas were host to people from throughout the country to hear speakers, including Pope Benedict XVI, condemn the Spanish government, led by Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, for its 2005 affirmation of marriage rights for same-sex couples and easing of the divorce process.

“These atheist, irreligious governments want to make us believe that our life has no meaning,” said event organizer and Catholic activist Kiko Arguello, “and that isn’t true.”

According to the Pope, such measures threaten the “traditional family,” and therefore, humanity. During the Sunday Angelus prayer, the Pope said that the family is based on “the indissoluble union of man and woman,” and “the place in which human life is sheltered and protected from its beginning until its natural end.”

“It is worthwhile to work for the family and marriage,” he continued, via live video link, “because it is worthwhile to work for the human being, the most precious being created by God.”

I know the pontiff doesn’t read this blog, but I’d like to remind him and his supporters that there are plenty of heterosexual families where life is not sheltered and protected “until its natural end.” In fact, there are plenty of heterosexual families in which the “indissoluble union of man and woman” consists of parents who end their children’s lives well before its natural end.

The ability to achieve ovulation, ejaculation, and thus procreation doesn’t automatically make one a saint, a good parent, or a good person. However, the pope and his supporters—who apparently believe that the existence of families like mine, families where gay parents are sheltering and protecting the lives of children that we often didn’t conceive, renders their lives “meaningless”—seem to believe that being gay automatically makes one something less than a good person or a good parent, as Ed points out.

“It is worthwhile to work for the family and marriage,” he continued, via live video link, “because it is worthwhile to work for the human being, the most precious being created by God.”

Unless, of course, that most precious being happens to be gay; if they’re gay, they’re a dirty sinner. The irony, of course, is that it is the Pope and his allies who are working against the family and marriage here and upholding policies that harm human beings. Like every other clueless bigot in the world, the Pope still has yet to explain how allowing gays to get married threatens non-gay families and marriages.

I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how my family’s existence, and equality for my family, makes their lives or their marriages “meaningless.”

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  1. I would argue, in fact, that choosing to devote one’s time, income, love and life to children whom one does not have biological ties is perhaps MORE meaningful an action than simply falling into ‘caring’ for children simply on the basis of shared genes – as you say, this physical fact doesn’t necessarily make one a good person or a good parent. There are plenty of wonderful hetero families where children are appreciated, and just as many wonderful gay/lesbian ones. A court can force biological parents to pay child support; choosing to take in children is a voluntary act of love.

    Also, the implicit denial of humanity to gay people contained in the Pope’s speech is itself an offense to humanity. That this man is the highest authority in an institution that claims to support moral good is saddening to say the least. Dogma again trumps reason and compassion.