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Who Should I Vote For?

No big surprise here. I stumbled on to GlassBooth.Org [via Living the Scientific Life] and took their quiz, which basically matches you up with three candidates from the current presidential field whose positions are most similar to your own. Here’s what I got.


Sure, these quizzes are often overly simplistic, and don’t ask enough questions. (This one was interesting in that it asked you weigh a list of issues according to their importance to you.) But for what it’s worth, the results for me are pretty accurate.

Just out of curiosity, I decided to see how well matched I am with the rest of the Democratic field.

  • John Edwards – 83%
  • Christopher Dodd- 81%
  • Barack Obama -80%
  • Hillary Clinton – 78%
  • Joe Biden – 70%

Frankly, I’m surprised. I thought the percentages for Edwards, Obama, and Clinton would be at least ten percentage points lower than they were.

It gives me something to think about, but I’m sticking with Kucinich for as long as he sticks it out in the primaries. Because there’s one thing these results make clear to me. If I’m going to vote my hopes, the only real choice for me is Kucinich. And the only time I’ll be able to vote my hopes is during the primaries.

Because one among the rest will end up the Democratic nominee. And because I’ll most likely vote for one of them, even though a vote for any one of them will mean settling for less.

So, did you take the quiz? What were your results? Do they surprise you, or are they what you expected?


  1. sweet! thanks for the heads up. i’m with Kucinich too 🙂


  2. My list was precisely the same order, with slightly different numbers

  3. Thursday morning I turned on the news and heard that ACORN is under investigation for voter fraud in a number of states. Since I learned not to trust what the media tells us, I decided to have a look what the bloggers had to say. On a sight called A Look Into Barack Obama’s Past – Obamamania – Zimbio website I found the following comment that made me think.
    A concerned citizen
    Oct-6-08 7:48pm [Edit]
    Those two videos paint a very clear picture. As the terrorists have promised, they will destroy this country from with in. ….. …….. …….

    Back to my point. By allowing the voter fraud to go on, makes this great country look like a third world dictatorship. We are supposed to send an example to the rest of the world how honest elections are held and not allow the media to distort the facts. Please people, wake up and tell the media no more. Boycott all the products advertised on publications like the Newsweek, Time magazine and other propaganda machines like the New York Times. Also do the same with CNN and other communist propaganda news sources. Even the Fox News network is starting to sway the viewer decision. After Thursday’s presidential debate, watching Chris Wallace interview a communist from Saint Louis made me sick. Even bad journalists should realize that when you ask a communist or a skin head to give you their views, you can pretty much expect what they are going to say.
    I certainly had enough of all of the $