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Damn. He Did It.

I know I’m all kinds of late with this. (Gimme a break. I’ve got a newborn in the house. It’s either a miracle or a sign of serious addiction that I’m blogging at all.) And he’s not my first choice as a candidate. But, damn.

Even if he doesn’t win the nomination or the oval office, Thursday night Barack Obama stepped into history, and basically took the rest of the country with him.

Someone asked a co-worker of mine yesterday, “Did you ever think you’d live to see the day?” Well, I was pretty sure I would. (And will.) But last night was a pleasant surprise, not to mention inspiring.

Like I said, he’s not my first choice as a candidate, but I can see what draws people to support him.


  1. You know, he’s not my first choice, either. Well, actually, I haven’t made a choice yet at all. However, it gives me great hope that he won Iowa. After the 2004 gay marriage debacle, after I despaired and felt very alone after that for being such a tiny minority, apparently, in thought on the way things should go … this cheers me. If Obama can make history here, if a state with the demographics of Iowa can welcome him … maybe years down the road (and it sucks, because I want it now), but maybe years down the road, an openly gay president will be welcomed as well. Progress is taking a lot longer than I want it to take, but eventually is better than never. Maybe, just maybe, the strength and integrity of who someone is as a person will be all that matters, rather than the color of their skin, their gender, or their sexual orientation.

  2. If he can take NH and SC – which is very possible now – he can go all the way. Not my first choice either, but I think he’ll be more left in office than we’re seeing today.