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BET, Bob Johnson & Obama

I’m far from being an Obama supporter, but there are some things I can’t let pass. Call me crazy, but the Clinton campaign is going to have to come up with someone besides the guy who gave us BET to criticize Obama. Never mind that his network is perhaps one of the worst things to happen to African Americans—given the steady diet of psychic friend infomercials, gospel programming, and rap videos it’s offered for as long as I can remember. But Johnson has apparently flacked for the GOP the past. I know Hilliary’s a former Republican, but her handlers ought to know better, at least.


  1. A few years back, I saw a very homophobic comedian on a BET program. I wrote to BET to express my disappointment in their choice of programming, and I never received even an acknowledgment of my concern. I have a “no BET” policy in my home, even though I haven’t explicitly blocked the channel.

  2. What’s ridiculous is that this clown claimed Bill & Hillary were some kind of champions for the Black community. Puhleez. With BET feeding our community a steady diet of pitiful portrayals of Black people, and the Clinton administration’s heavy-handed, failed drug policies (designed to benefit private prison corporations), the Black family and the community are in far worse condition!

  3. i think it is disingenious and feculent for a man (Johnson) to say he has a problem with a person history of drug use who made billions of of videos of young black men talkin about kiling and drug dealing…just another factor I believe that is leading to the fall of America…. poor mr or mrs next president

  4. Dear Bob Johnson, the comments you in made in attacking Sen. Obama this past Sunday at a South Carolina church before your introduction of Sen. Hillary Clinton demonstrates that it doesn’t matter how much money you have it can’t buy class or, dignity.

    Bob, while you were shucking, grinning and jiving in front of the Clintons, are you that stupid that you didn’t care that you came across as a bootlicking Uncle Tom? Your attack on Sen. Obama continues to prove how ruthless you continue to be.

    In your own words which I will now quote you by, “As an African American, I am frankly insulted the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues — when Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood; I won’t say what he was doing, but he said it in his book — when they have been involved,” Johnson said.

    We all know that Sen. Obama wrote about his teenage drug use — marijuana, and alcohol in his memoir “Dreams from My Father.” That’s old news. Bob, for you to attack Sen. Obama’s character shows what a coon you really are. Bob, you are the founder of BET which is the laughing stock of African Americans who care about positives images. Yes, you are successful as a capitalist but a failure in having any morals and helping to support your own race.

    The fact that Sen. Clinton or anyone would want or accept your endorsement is appalling and for me calls their basic character, let alone judgment, into question.

    Over the last 25 years you and BET have done more to propagate some of the most harmful, destructive, and degradation of African Americans in the history of popular culture.

    The booty shaking videos, misogony, gangsterism, violence, alcohol and drug use you allowed to air on BET on your way to becoming a billionaire was all done for the love of money. And now YOU want to take cheap shots at Sen.Obama?.

    I am constantly amazed at how you are allowed to speak and move in decent society. But, I guess in your case, money triumphs morals.

    After seeing you put on your best Stephen Fetchit routine this Sunday in front of Sen. Clinton as she sat back and enjoyed campaigning with you, I’m understanding a lot better why the country is calling for Sen. Obama and change!


    You do not speak for me

  5. Campaign ALERT! Rezko Trial, Feb 25, 2008

    In an exclusive, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Obama is the “political candidate” referred to in the feds’ corruption case against Anton “Tony” Rezko.

    Obama is not named in the Dec. 21 court document. But a source familiar with the case confirmed that Obama is the unnamed “political candidate”….

    Obama was an attorney with a small Chicago law firm — Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland — that helped Rezmar get more than $43 million in government funding to rehab 15 of their 30 apartment buildings for the poor.

    Obama joined Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland, a 12-lawyer firm that specialized in helping develop low-income housing. The firm’s top partner, Allison S. Davis …..
    …….Among the investors in that last Rezmar deal was Allison Davis, who had left his law firm to become a developer of low-income housing
    …..Question: Isn’t this an “old” story? Most reporters and Democrats are unaware of the Rezko Obama wheeling and dealing. ABC News certainly does not think this is an old story. The Rezko trial for Bribes, Kickbacks and Extortion begins on February 25, 2008. The unvetted Obama is running for president in 2008. There has been zero investigation of this story. Obama has repeatedly been caught not telling the truth about his transactions with Rezko. Republicans are aware of Rezko and will use this story against Obama if he ever became the Democratic nominee. [Check out what right-wingers Tucker Carlson and Andrew Ferguson have to say about the Obama/Rezko house deal.]
    Obama is not named in the Dec. 21 court document. But a source familiar with the case confirmed that Obama is the unnamed “political candidate” referred to in a section of the document that accuses Rezko of orchestrating a scheme in which a firm hired to handle state teacher pension investments first had to pay $250,000 in “sham” finder’s fees. From that money, $10,000 was donated to Obama’s successful run for the Senate in the name of a Rezko business associate, according to the court filing and the source.

    Rezko, who was part of Obama’s senatorial finance committee, also is accused of directing “at least one other individual” to donate money to Obama and then reimbursing that individual — in possible violation of federal election law.

    Obama says he knew nothing about any of this –
    despite his 17 year friendship with Rezko …. despite ‘explaining’ the Rezko connection with his purchase of a Chicago mansion – by saying that he called 3 or 4 friends to give him advice about buying a house….despite the fact that he put Rezko on his Campaign Finance Committee for his election to the U.S. Senate ….

    EITHER – Obama was Clueless about all the criminal activities his “friend” was engaged in thruout their 16 year “friendsip”.

    OR – Obama is dirty & guilty in the Political Corruption/Extortion/Bribery case surrounding Rezko.

    Take your pick dear voters –

    Either someone so ….Clueless….they’re not qualified to be President of ANYTHING,

    OR, someone at risk of being indicted on the same corruption charges as his “friend” Rezko……OR, at risk of being hauled into court to testify about his & his law firm’s…dealings with Rezko and his political Campaign Finances contributed or engineered by Rezko….WHILE he’s running for President as the Democrat Candidate………RESULTING in the Election of Another REPBLICAN President.

    When he said Obama was a Big Gamble – a roll of the dice -I’m sure President Clinton already KNEW about this Rezko mess haunting Obama.

  6. Robert Johnson is a disgrace to African Americans. He has made his fortune from the exploitation of African-American, women, and gays. He is a perfect example of a black man who still has a slave mentality.