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What They Said

I took a swipe at Robert Johnson yesterday, but a couple more people scored direct hits.

Chris, at AfroNetizen, put it politely.

The answer isn’t for us to all act like Tiger Woods or Barack Obama and then racism would disappear. It’s a far more complicated problem than that and besides we shouldn’t be required to be clean cut Harvard grads, world class golfers or multiracial citizens in order to be incorporated into the American dream. But it also isn’t the case that Bob Johnson (who is responsible for the proliferation of some of the most oppressive images of Black women in the 20th century) or Al Sharpton should be assumed to speak for the majority. They too have exceptional and privileged experiences vis a vis the majority of black people and it should not be assumed they “know” what black people think” especially given that we think a lot of different things.

Meanwhile The Angry Independent put thins more bluntly at Mirror on America.

Bob Johnson, a man who made a fortune perpetuating negative images of Blacks and destroying Black Culture in this Country, is now positioning himself as a spokesperson for Civil Rights and proclaims to know what is best for Black voters. It wasn’t that long ago that Johnson was a minion for the Bush administration. Now he is supporting Hillary Clinton.

Johnson’s recent comments about Barack Obama’s drug use was a clear attempt to demonize the candidate and to scare voters. This is part of what has turned out to be a pattern from the Clinton camp. It is true that the media, has been hyping the Clinton/Obama mess for ratings purposes (the whole reason why these candidates were even made frontrunners by the media in the first place was because of the ratings potential) but the Johnson comments really seemed to be over the top. And it appeared to be an attempt by Clinton to sanitize the remarks and blunt any possible criticism by having the comments made by another Black person, instead of having the guts to say it herself.

Bob Johnson’s latest hustle is telling Black folks how hard the Clintons have worked for so-called “Black issues”, which is a bunch of nonsense. The Clintons have become this mythical couple in the “Black Community” mostly because of folks like Bob Johnson inflating their record. The hyperbole has gotten so bad in the years since Bill Clinton left office that some have called Clinton the first Black President.

I should start a new blog category: “Things I Wish I’d Said.”

Maybe I will.

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