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You Can Keep a Good Candidate Downn

Score one more near miss for a progressive candidate After being shut out of the ABC debate, Dennis Kucinich won his court battle to be included in the MSNBC Democratic presidential debate. Then the Nevada state Supreme Court ruled that the debate could go on without Dennis.

I think this opinion piece from The Nation about NBC’s desire to exclude Kucinich from the debate is intended to be satirical.

NBC Universal Inc. is a major media conglomerate. And major media conglomerates have traditionally been able to police the parameters of presidential politics. Any affront to this order of affairs is a threat to the ability of corporations to define the American discourse.

That’s what is at stake as NBC fights to limit the amount of information Nevada Democrats have available to them before [their] caucuses on Saturday to choose delegates to the Democratic National Convention. So the network has announced that its crack legal team will work through the night to overturn a judge’s order that Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich be included in the last pre-caucus debate between the Democratic presidential contenders.

…Debate organizers wanted Richardson in the forum and knew that they could not exclude Kucinich, who was running ahead of the New Mexican in several national polls. So they grudgingly contacted the Kucinich campaign, which participated last week in initial planning discussions for the debate.

But when Richardson dropped out of the race on Thursday, the network yanked the invitation to Kucinich, who has stirred up past forums — and distinguished himself from Clinton, Obama and Edwards — by calling for the rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, advocating for the impeachment of members of the Bush administration, and even discussing the damage done to the political process by media monopolies.

And, of course, we can’t have that kind of talk going out willy nilly over the airwaves. It might give people something to think about, and an opportunity to compare other candidates who are less threatening to corporate interests with a candidate who has an actual progressive platform.

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  1. The debates would be so much more interesting if Dennis were included. You might be interested in seeing how he might have influenced the discussion by watching or listening to this episode of Democracy Now!

    “Democracy Now! Re-Hosts NBC Las Vegas Debate to Include Kucinich After NBC Wins Appeal to Exclude Him”