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Al Gore

I take it all back. Al Gore should run for president.

Then again, if he were running he might not have the freedom to say that and still be taken seriously by his own party.

[Via Andy.]


  1. Please pay attention to what Al Gore has consistently said and done for these past many decades and not the Corporate Media’s interpretation of him-those Conservative Hacks.

    Al Gore, integrity, unmatchable experience, visionary, intelligent Statesman.

    I’d work my buns off for the man.

    Imagine, a true leader, already admired around the world.

    Time for
    a COOL

    Superman wears Al Gore pajamas.

  2. Al Gore should stay out of the White House and Congress. He is too fine a person to get back into that mess again. He has done much more outside of government than he did when he was Vice President. He needs to be in a place where he can say or act out his beliefs without pandering to corporate or even party interests.

    Maybe a Supreme Court justice might be okay. I’m sure there will be a few openings there soon.