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So, I Voted

voteSo, per yesterday’s post and despite what I said earlier, I did vote in the Maryland primary this morning. It turns out Kucinich was still on the ballot, so I voted for him on the presidential slate. When it came time to vote for delegates, I voted for the “uncommitted” ones rather than the ones who were already committed to one candidate or the other. (I threw in a couple of Edward’s delegates too.)

But one big reason I went to the polls this morning was Montgomery County’s school board election. You can get the whole story at Vigilance, the blog Teach the Facts. Basically it came down to whether I want the fundamentalist theocrats at the Thomas Moore Law Center dictating the curriculum in my kids’ school district. You can guess my answer.

It started back when Montgomery county launched a gay-friendly sex-ed curriculum for 8th and 10th graders. PFOX got involved, and somehow managed to slip flyers into student’s backpacks in 2006, and later a local group of fundies funded by the Thomas Moore Law Center threatened to sue the county into oblivion because everyone knows that hearing anything about gay people—let alone the notion that maybe LGBT kids shouldn’t be picked on an harassed, but treated with the same respect as anyone else—will turn kids gay. (Because everyone knows that you’re heterosexual from birth, but gay people are apparently asexual until adolesence, and then only if someone gives them the idea.

Well, only four percent of students opted out of the sex-ed pilot. (Shows you how many parents in Montgomery County objected to it in the first place.) Nonetheless, the Moore-funded fundies took the school district to court, and ultimately lost.

But they don’t give up easily. I have to give them that. They’ve vowed to sue again, and the candidate they supported for the school board last year ran again this year.

I don’t want anyone backed by these folks (the same ones who defeated in Dover, PA) making any decisions concerning my kids’ education. Period.

So, to the polls I went.

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  1. I so wish Kucinich was still on my card this year–I likewise would have gone for him.

  2. I just found your blog through gdad. Great site, love what you have to say. Will link to it. Cheers

  3. Actually, participation in the curriculum is even more significant than you report here, because the policy is opt-in rather than opt-out. So 96% of Montgomery parents actively chose to have their child participate.

    I love your blog, too.

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