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Gay Vegetarian Mac User

I’m sometimes amazed at the search queries that lead people to this blog. I don’t know that this will do anything for my Google ranking, but apparently this blog is among the top results if you Google “gay vegetarian mac user.”

gay mac user

Hey, I’ll take what I can get.


  1. Actually, I just Googled this term, and this post came up as the number one result. Oh how the intertubes move fast. 🙂

  2. lol.
    TAKE IT!
    No, I don’t mean that the way it may sound perv.

  3. Alas — I’m like 4 pages into the search results if I use that search, lol!

    To Prackenhead — for some reason, I think that Google uses either your history or your search history when you search. I have compared my search results in the past with friends and my journal ranks higher on my search results than it does for my friends.

  4. Terrance: I have spoken to you in the distant past about helping youth. There is a new wonderful young man in my life that needs some blog love:

    DJ–is a theater person and major thinker–I think you will like him very much–give him some love and teach him to blog effectively if you want

    I love this kid so much