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Spinning Spitzer

I have not and will not comment on the Eliot Spitzer story, most likely. However, of all that I’ve heard Bill Maher has the best take on the “why” of it all.


  1. Hmmm, I dunno about that. (And I’m saying that as a fan of Bill Maher.) Mostly because he starts right out by saying that married people are desperate for sex, but actual studies show that married couples have sex more consistently and frequently than single people do! And in the comments section a bunch of dudes are blaming Spitzer’s wife/their own wives for being frigid. Ugh. Again, actual studies show that among heterosexual married couples, the man is more likely to decline sex than the woman.

    I’m all for the “he just wanted to have sex!” explanation, but the way that Maher frames it – and the way that his commenters are reacting to it – makes me very squeamish.