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Six Word Memoir

Nothing like a blog meme to get you back into gear when you’re recovering from a huge conference, like the one I worked at earlier this week. So I have Dana to thank for getting me back to blogging, by tagging me for this rather interesting meme.

I’ve been tagged by the talented Harlyn Aizley, who blogs at Are You My Mothers, to write a memoir of my life in six words or fewer, mention my tagger, and then tag five others.

If I had to pick six words (fewer would be even more of a challenge) to describe my life, I’d go with these:

Making it up as I go.

I’ve heard about people who make five-year and ten-year life plans. They scare me. More than a little. I’m not one of them, and I don’t know how they do it. My life has, thus far, been one of improvisation, punctuated by happy accidents, mostly driven by my willingness to take a deep breath, close my eyes, and just jump into the unknown.

Two things come to mind. There’s no logical reason I should have ended up in D.C., for example. It just happened that while I was at the University of Georgia, I got involved in student activism and was codirector of the gay student group there. And that allowed me to make the connection that got me to D.C. in 1994, working at the Human Rights Campaign.

The other is blogging. When I think about this past week, there’s no logical reason that I should be interviewing Kathleen Turner, Arianna Huffington, and two members of Congress in the same day. For that matter, there’s nothing in my background that warrants an invitation to have breakfast with the Speaker of the House, or giving advice to CEOs and union presidents. But, after reading blogs by a few friends of mine, I said to myself “I can do this,” and started this blog. Little did I know…

Now I gotta tag people. I honestly can’t think of just five poeple to tag. So I’m gonna take the easy way out and say if you’re reading this post, consider yourself tagged. (And if you take up the meme, link back here, because I’d love to see what other people’s lives look like in six words or less.)


  1. It appears I’ve been tagged. Here it goes:

    Just trying to make things better.


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