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They Meant To Do That

Well. I thought all this time that the Bush administration was so resoundingly disliked because of their long list of blunders in domestic policy, foreign policy, and pretty much everything else. Come to find out, that’s what they intended all along.

Who knew? President Bush wants to be unpopular.

Not really, of course, but that’s what his press secretary said Thursday.

Spokeswoman Dana Perino was making the case that it’s no surprise that Bush has low poll ratings because he is overseeing an unpopular war. But then her argument went off the tracks.

“Both the president and the vice president have long believed, and it’s a part of what has made them the leaders that they are, which is not to chase popularity polls but to hold themselves to a standard that requires people not to like them,” she said.

Huh? Requires people not to like them?

Anyway, probably the reason the president is so unpopular is because the media keeps asking Americans what they think.

And speaking of polls, Bush thinks there are too many of them.

“I think there might be a little bit more frustration that this – we are so over-polled in the country,” Perino said. “And I think that the way that the president looks at it is that there’s – I don’t know, maybe – the media polls a lot. That’s your prerogative; go ahead.

Makes sense, don’t it? The president’s popularity would probably be a lot higher if the media stopped polling. They keep asking Americans how they think the president is doing.

Come to think of it, the media should have stopped polling on Bush’s popularity around October 8, 2001. After that, we don’t really need to know what people think of the president. Do we? After all, it’s been pretty much downhill since then.

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