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To Blog or Not To Blog

How many days has it been since I’ve done any actual writing? I’ve got stuff lined up to blog about, but another day has gotten away from me already. I’ll leave work, go home, and I won’t get to think about writing until sometime around 9:30 p.m. or 10:00 p.m., at which point I’ll be too exhausted to write if I even get around to reading the stuff I think I want to blog about. (I’m five days behind in that already.) Again I ask, what is the universe trying to tell me? Is blogging really just for younger people who don’t have families?


  1. In my opinion, you should blog at the pace that’s right for you and not worry about it, sweetie. After all, the ‘net provides us all with so much reading material that I’d rather have a few good posts in my RSS reader than a lot of “Ennh” stuff. Quality over quantity! 🙂 Do what works for you! *hugs*

  2. I agree with Katharine. Having not written anything substantive on my blog in ages, I can totally relate.