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I Do, I Do, I Do

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By TerranceDC

OK, I know I’m being completely superficial here. But this guy would only have to ask me to marry him once.

Spanish pop singer Enrique Iglesias says he has tried repeatedly to convince his girlfriend Anna Kournikova to marry him — with no luck.

Iglesias spoke to reporters Friday after arriving in the Dominican Republic for the first of nine concerts planned across Latin America.

Iglesias says he’s been involved with the tennis star for at least three years and says she keeps ignoring his appeals to wed. In his words, “I always try, but she pays me no attention.”

I mean, what’s the problem? He seems like a good guy with a good heart to me. Hell, I’d keep an officiant on retainer and ready to be there in 15 minutes or less the next time he asked.

But maybe she has her reasons. Or maybe it’s just something he tells the press when they ask him when about marriage, etc.


  1. Lord have mercy! I didn’t need to see THAT today! Whooooo!

  2. Maybe she’s got a pretty good idea of how men and women’s experiences with marriage are different.