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Black. Gay. Father. Vegetarian. Buddhist. Liberal.

Daddy. Blogger

What kind of blogger am I? Am I a “gay blogger”? Am I a “political blogger”? Am I a “Black blogger”? Which variety of blogger am I first?

Endless questions, without concrete answers. But it looks like I can add one more category: Daddy Blogger


Pretty cool, huh? The folks over at Alltop — an aggregator of blogs in a wide range of categories — has included this one in it’s list of Dad blogs. Well, I am a dad, and I blog.

Anyway, I was peeking at my stats, and noticed they’d sent me some traffic. So, one good turn deserves another. They’ve got a huge list of political blogs. They’ve got a pretty good list of LGBT blogs, but for some reason I’m non on that one. But I just dropped them an email, so that will probably change too.

So, there’s yet another source out there, if you’re looking for new blogs to read.

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