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God Hates Google Ads?

Well, maybe not, but I’m betting that some of his so-called followers are hating Google Ads right about now. If they’re paying attention. My boss showed me this site. Actually, it was more like I heard him laughing and wondered over to see what was so funny.

Well, it was pretty damn funny.

Committing Corporate Suicide

This is a screenshot from a site called “The Conservative Voice.” It’s the their latest bit of ranting about businesses “committing corporate suicide” by being too nice to gay people. (Of course, being mean to gay people might mean turning off talented an valable gay employees, and other potential employees who look for employers with inclusive policies. But that’s probably more like giving yourself a “corporate flesh wound,” I guess).

So, that they end up advertising a site for “Gay Chubby Dating,” is just, well…

Conservative Gay Chubby Dating

Just so we’re clear, it’s not the gay site that’s funny. It’s that the Conservative Voice is inadvertently advertising it. Someone there, I guess, hasn’t figured out how Google Ads work, and thus hasn’t managed to tame it yet.

There are ways to do it of course. I’ve been too lazy to do it myself, so I stopped running Google Ads after I saw an advertising for Focus on the Family on one of my posts.

Maybe I should look into how to block unwanted sites on Google Ads. So shoudl the Conservative Voice. But until they do, it’s a great source from some much needed afternoon schadenfreude.


  1. John McCain loves algorithmically buying GoogleAd space on my blog. I had to put in a disclaimer. =/

  2. T-

    I have cracked ribs and here you are making me laugh so hard I cry!

    You rock!

  3. I cant stand Google. There an ageist monopoly thats destroying the internet day by day..