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Weekend Digest

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to handle digest posts, so that the content gets pulled from my shared items in Google reader. I still haven’t found an ideal solution, but I think I’ve found a work around for the time being, that generates the HTML for me and at least some of the links go back to the original pieces and not to the Feedburner feeds. (It’s not perfect yet.) I have one or two more ideas in ming to try out.

What’s working right now goes something like this:

  1. Burn Google shared items to Feedburner.
  2. Activate BrowserFriendly and SmartCast on the Optimize tab. (May be optional.)
  3. Activate BuzzBoost on the Publicize tab. Choose the following settings. (Anything not mentioned is optional, meaning you can do whatever you want.)
    • Check “Display item author name (if available)”
    • Check “Display full item content”
    • Choose “Full HTML” from the Item Content Fomrat menu.
    • Check Display item publication date
  4. Copy javascript and paste into a (previously prepared) blank HTML page between the <body> and </body> tags.
  5. Open page in browser.
  6. Using the mouse, the menu, or keyboard commands, choose “select all.”
  7. Right click, and chose “View Selection Source.”
  8. Copy and paste into the editor of your choice.

Most of these are blog posts I’d hoped to respond to this week or covered stuff I’d hoped to blog about but didn’t have time.


  • Joan Garry: “Normal” Gay People in the New York Times.

    Joan Garry


    Or maybe I am just stuck on this word “normal.” I don’t know what it means and it rubs me the wrong way. The same way the phrase “ordinary Americans” rubs me the wrong way when our Presidential candidates use it. I don’t know anyone who is “normal” – I don’t know what that word means. OK, so I know that there are more straight people in the world than lgbt people. Does that make them normal and me something other than normal? It makes me different, yes. It puts me in a minority, yes. I also live behind a white picket fence. Pretty normal, huh? Actually, I’m quite privileged to have a white picket fence. Many straight Americans dream of living in a house with a fence as nice as ours. So which of us is normal?

  • Eric Schmeltzer: Will African Americans Return?

    Eric Schmeltzer


    The longer this race continues, the more attitudes will begin to solidify, on all sides. And, should Senator Clinton secure the nomination as the result of a floor fight at the convention (which her campaign admits is her only path to the nomination), that will only further promote the perception that this nomination is being stolen from America’s first African American candidate with a real shot. If it goes that far, to the convention, there is only two months to repair the breach. A daunting task, indeed.

    Everyone I’ve discussed this with who is white basically says the same thing — wounds will heal, African Americans will come back.

    When Senator Ted Kennedy spoke at Coretta Scott King’s funeral, he recalled 1960. The Los Angeles Times reported:

    Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) drew roars of approval when he invoked the 1960 phone call placed by his brother, then-presidential candidate John F. Kennedy, to Coretta King to pledge his help in freeing her husband from jail. Kennedy also mentioned the call placed by another brother, Robert F. Kennedy, JFK’s campaign manager, to a local judge to inquire why Martin Luther King Jr. could not post bond. He was freed the next morning.

    The sanctuary burst into applause when Sen. Kennedy said: “Robert called the judge.”

    Forty-five years and one Southern-Strategy later, an entire generation of African Americans has not forgotten which candidate of which party took the time to make a couple of phone calls, to the point where just recounting it caused two of the largest applause lines at a Memorial Service.

    And, yet, the white pundits I’ve talked to maintain that in just months, African Americans will come back to the Clintons after the frontrunner, Barack Obama, was bloodied up by their “Bubba Strategy,” pitting white working-class voters against African Americans?

    Don’t wait by the phone.

  • Things Americans Don’t Want To Talk About

    David Neiwert


    Dave Neiwert digs in to the deeper meaning of the Reverend Wright “scandal.”

  • Heterosexual Incestuous Sex Slave

    Timothy Kincaid


    In the Box Turtle Bulletin’s The Heterosexual Agenda: Exposing The Myths, Jim Burroway satirically illustrates how heterosexual militant activists are destroying society.

    Here’s yet another example.

    Josef Fritzl locked his 18 year old daughter in the basement so he could continue having sex with her… in 1984. She, and the children he subsequently fathered, have been there since. Upstairs, his wife never noticed.

    Which all goes to show just why you can’t trust heterosexuals with marriage or children.

  • John Hagee’s Crazy Ass And Why We Should Press McCain For More Answers

    Jack Turner


    Folks wanna get down and dirty, I see. Drag Obama and Wright and Trinity through the fire because of a standard that says a presidential candidate is responsible for the words of a pastor he’s associated with.

    Well bring it on then. I proudly present Crazy Ass John Hagee, a man whose endorsement John McCain sought, requested, asked for, desired, held in esteem. I know I know, McCain has since said he doesn’t endorse everything Hagee says, but that doesn’t matter.


    Just look at this nonsense.

  • Journo Explains Gay Marrieds Piece



    Remember Benoit Denizet-Lewis’ lengthy exploration of young gay marrieds in Sunday’s New York Times?

    Well, the journalist got flack for only profiling white, middle-class, educated men, which led some to wonder whether he simply chose to ignore people of color.

    Tired of whispers and murmurs, Denizet-Lewis sent out an email earlier this afternoon and tried to clear things up.

    He’s not a racist, you see, but simply couldn’t find any black people! In fact, there aren’t many black marrieds to be found, he says – after the jump, of course.

  • MSNBC’s Matthews: Whites Are “Willing” to Support Obama Just Like They “Root for Black Athletes”



    Via Think Progress. Another week and another racist or sexist slur from the all-white, all-male fratboys at cable “news” network. MSNBC. Hardball’s Chris Matthews offered Sen. Barack Obama some “practical” “advice” on how to attract more white men and working…

  • 6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Addicted To



    Written by Cyriaque Lamar This article is from

    Soy shakes, golden retrievers, squat thrusts. These aren’t the makings of a week-long bender in Vegas, unless you happen to be Marquis de Sade. However, the human brain is a mysterious lump of meat, and under rare circumstances the mind can become hooked on all sorts of things that are usually completely innocent or even commendable.

  • The Ridiculous Notion of Gay Privilege (Sara Whitman)


    Watching Tim Wise today has me wondering… how do we do the same thing in the LGBT community? How do we push hard against someone else, make someone smaller, less than in order to feel our privilege?

    ENDA, of course, comes to mind first. The ridiculous notion of Gay and Lesbian privilege plays out in national politics, with some of our leaders saying it’s too difficult to include transgender in the language. They made a division between transgender and the rest of the alphabet soup.

    We divide ourselves, like the people of New Orleans. The “normal” queers can have rights but let’s be sure those people can’t move in on our rights. Our agenda.

    That’s too much.

  • Is same-sex marriage just for white people? (Alex Blaze)


    Earlier this week, I posted about the lengthy article in the NY Times Sunday magazine that profiled young, married gay couples in Massachusetts. The couples were all white and wealthy, and I took author Benoit Denizet-Lewis to task over that – it would have been great for the article to have been inclusive.

    He did include an explanation as to why he only profiled white people that appeared on quite a few blogs discussing the issue:

    To find out, I spent time over the next few months with a handful of young married and engaged gay couples — including Joshua and Benjamin. All were college-educated and white. (A 2008 study of gay and lesbian couples in Vermont, California and Massachusetts — three states that offer some form of legal recognition for gay couples — found that “couples who choose to legalize their same-sex relationships… are overwhelmingly European American.”)

    Lots more after.

  • “Obama Can’t Do Sh*t For Me”

    Jack Turner


    Well-written and compelling piece over at by Andreas Hale:


    See, I’m not questioning Barack Obama’s blackness. I’m not likening him to any black man who cares more about the mighty dollar than our community. I’m questioning what Barack Obama can and can’t actually do in the oval office. He’s a politician and has to play the game of a politician. When situations like this arise, I would love to see Obama with eyes of fire. I would love to see him make a joke out of our flawed judicial system. I would be elated to see him articulate the black struggle to the American people in a manner that is not as threatening as it is educational. I would love to see a black man who genuinely is hurt by how society treats minorities, stand up on national television and in so many words say “fuck that shit! That shit ain’t right!” (devoid of the curse words but filled with the same passion of course).

    Obama can’t and will never ever be able to do that as president of this country. But I will still vote for him with the understanding that his contributions during his first four years are more inspirational to minorities than tangible

  • Wright Ex-Factor

    Diane Butler Bass


    In the Moyers interview, Wright admitted that one of the major influences on his ministry was the august historian Martin E. Marty of the University of Chicago (a white Lutheran and a true gentleman scholar), who challenged his students to relate the “faith preached in our churches” to the “world in which our church members leave at the benediction.” He then quoted African-American historian Carter G. Woodson, saying that black Americans had been—and one can argue, by inference, Anglo-Americans as well—”miseducated.”

    I suspect that both Woodson and Marty share the perception that AmericansWright Ex-Factor suffer from “miseducation” regarding history. This “miseducation” means looking to the glorious parts of history and not to its despair, of having an incomplete picture—only a “piece of the story”—regarding the past. Bad history leaves out the bits that make us cringe, doubt ourselves, or question our morality. Leaving out the uncomfortable parts may reinforce cherished views, but it lacks the power of internal critique or self-correction.

    Realistic history includes the good and the amoral, the profound and the profane. It gives us the ability to understand the fullness of human experience and learn from mistakes and sin. A robust vision of the past, Wright stated, enables Christians “not to leave that world and pretend that we are now in some sort of fantasy land, as Martin Marty called it, but to serve a God who comes into history on the side of the oppressed.”06).

  • How Marriage Inequality Affects Transgender Spouses



    There are several things that bug me a lot about this NY Times article on a married couple that stayed together through one partner’s transition as a transwoman. There’s referring to the transwoman, Denise, by masculine pronouns and her birth name to reference past events where she did identify as female but had not yet had sexual reassignment surgery. There’s the very equation of surgery with transition — one is accepted as a woman only through virtue of a vaginoplasty, not only with regards to the law, but also in terms of how her gender is treated by the newspaper (and vice versa for a transman). Since not all transgender people choose to have surgery, and since not all people determine their very identity based off of their genitals, it’s insulting and obnoxious, and a big part of the problem that the paper is trying to examine. (Not to mention how the story is run, of course, in the Fashion and Style section.)

    But with all of that being said, there’s some interesting material in there about the legal status of transgender individuals who are married.

  • Today in History: A Notorious Nazi Doctor

    Jim Burroway


    Dr. Carl Peter Værnet was born on this date on April 28, 1893 in Denmark. During World War II, he became a Nazi SS major, serving as a doctor at Buchenwald concentration camp. There, he performed medical experiments on inmates who were convicted under Germany’s notorious Paragraph 175 — the statute against male homosexuality.

    According to Richard Plant’s The Pink Triangle The Buchenwald inmate roster in December 1943 listed 169 homosexuals. In March, that number was down to 89. Værnet experimented in 17 of them between June and December 1944. Camp methods show that methods include castration and injection with hormones:

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