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Zach Speaks

Wow. I remember the Friday night in June 2005 when I first read about Zach’s story. It shook me up so much that I had to post about it. (When I got up on Saturday morning it was still with me. I emailed around, trying to get some of the more highly trafficked blogs to pick up on it. (At least one declined because of fear that Zach might not even exist, but Amanda Marcotte and Lindsey Beyerstein were among the first to pick up the story and share it with their readers.)

I remember posting it to all the places I was blogging at the time. (my Daily Kos diary, the Gay Spirituality Blog, HomoMojo, etc.). Then I stepped back and took a look at what was happening. I realized that there were a number of other “long tail blogers” coving the story, and creating something of a blog storm. Several of those bloggers, myself included, were interviewed for a podcast about how the story grew in the blogosphere.

On my own blog, I got commenters asking what kind of action could be taken. Some commenters exchanged information with each other about which authorities to contact in Tennessee. Some sent information about it to other organizations.

We all know what happened from there. I was somewhat stunned at how far it had gone, but glad I played at least a small part in making the story known. Once Zach was released, I decided to stop blogging about the story, except for updates on the lawsuits, and compiled all of my posts.

I always wondered what had happened to Zach. I knew he’d reached the “age of majority” and could maybe escape his parents control, to find a place where he could be whoever he is. I’d never seen him or heard him speak. At least until now, at right about 7:00 in this video.

So this little clip is encouraging. He looks good, sounds good, and at least appears to be OK. That’s what I hope, anyway. What I’ve hoped all along.

I’ll definitely have to see this documentary when it comes out. Definitely.

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  1. I am soooo glad to see this news–thank you