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Lads Love Cool James?

I’ll admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of Rap. Yes, I have a playlist on my iPod, but it’s mostly the “old” stuff, starting with the Sugarhill Gang and proceeding chronologically through most of the stuff I grew up with. But most of what’s out today as far as rap is concerned, I can’t say I’ve listened to most of it. Maybe I come across the occasional Kanye West video on YouTube, but that’s it.

But there’s one exception. An L.L. Cool J video will stop me dead in my tracks. Every. Time. So, I was amused to read via Rod that evidently men have a hard time admitting they like L.L.

LL: You know, you have certain guys that are uncomfortable admitting they like LL ’cause they feel like it’s some type of ego issue with LL. “I can’t say that, you know? That’s for you: I can’t.” You know, all that frontin’ and all that.

S2S: Men can’t say that another man looks good or something like that?

LL: Only the real playas.

S2S: Can you say another man looks good?

LL: No, I’m not going to do that much. No. (laughs) I’m not that evolved and enlightened yet. We’re not going to be, “Oh yeah, he’s pretty,” (laughter) “Well, that’s a hot one.” I don’t think so.”

Oh, sure L.L. Go ahead and tease me with that “evolved and enlightened” bit, and throw in “yet,” just for good measure. The only thing that’s not-so-sexy is referring to yourself in the third person, but I’ll forgive you even that.

And I know I’m not the one of the guys you had in mind during the interview, but I’ll say it. I like, no, love me some L.L. Those lips. That body. That … talent. What’s not to like?

“Mama said knock you out”? You did and you do. Every time.

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