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Barr Denounces DOMA?

Woah. I may have to rethink my previous post about Bob Barr. According to Queerty, now Bob Barr says he’ll work to repeal DOMA.

I’m thoroughly perplexed about what to make of this. Kip’s comment on the post above does give me pause tho’.

Huh? Making a mistake is better than doing nothing in the first place? In the context of DOMA and the Patriot Act? Is he serious?

“Libertarian” my a*s.

And for the record, I know of no instance — none whatsoever, where DOMA has been “misused.” It has been and will continue to be used exactly the way it was intended — to discriminate against gays.

I repeat: “Libertarian” my a*s.

I can’t speak to Barr’s libertarian credentials. But Kip’s comment leads me to ask if Barr was (a) sincerely opposed to same-sex marriage then, (b) sincerely sorry for authoring DOMA now, or (c) just being a political opportunist then and now.

I think I know the answer already.


  1. It’s kind of like this… the liberatarian slant.
    Government should not be involved in marriage at all. If they must be, they no right to discriminate.
    One of my stongest supporters here in South Florida is the state chair of the lib party. Karl Dickey.
    One awesome guy. He’s been on my/ our side for 4 years fighting for GLBT equal rights.

  2. The cynic in me is saying he’d probably work to amend the U.S. constitution to define marriage as man and a woman after DOMA was repealed.

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