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Fashion Victims

My Personalised Clothing it’s official. Just when I think American idiocy had finally peaked, it reaches new heights. We have officially become the most ignorant mo fos on the planet. I haven’t been to Dunkin’ Donuts in a while, but now I know I shan’t darken their door again. Any company that bows to ignorance doesn’t need my business.


  1. I just can’t get that irate at DD about this. They are a business, they want to sell donuts, and having Michelle Malkin and her troops of winged monkeys coming down on them over a prop in an ad that meant nothing is a headache that they don’t want to deal with. While I would have loved it if they’d responded, “This criticism is too stupid to even respond to,” I also understand that they doing damage control over this is potentially a huge time suck for their PR staff, and as dumb as it all is, could lead to irate franchisees. Like it or not, Malkin’s idiocy still has currency in some areas, and given the structure of their business, they’d be forcing small businesspeople who run their stores to deal with it and perhaps take a hit to their businesses. (Rather different than, say, Starbucks, which owns all its stores and is in a better position to make a corporate decision about whether they’re willing to deal with it.)

    Along the same lines, why punish the person in your own town who’s just trying to run his or her business for a corporate decision over which he or she has no control?

    So I can’t really blame them for not wanting to spend their time on it, and simply yanking the ad.

  2. I navigated to their Contact Us page to express my disappointment, but then I decided that if they wanted to capitulate to the foul harpy, then less power to them.