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DVDs for Gay Dads

Note: Today is Blogging for LGBT Families Day, the purpose of which is “to indicate that not all families fit the traditional model of one mother and one father.” A good number of my posts today will be in keeping with that theme. So, stay tuned for more here. You can head over to Dana’s for regular updates, and a full listing of participants, blog posts, etc.

Fathers’ Day is rolling around again, and it promises to be a special one (if also an exhausting one) in our house. Parker will make a couple of cards at school, which we’ll display on the fridge. Dylan … well … provided that the teething process isn’t bothering him too much that day, will give us several big grins throughout the day.

The hubby and I will exchange cards, a few extra hugs, and probably just enjoy watching Parker and Dylan. We might sit down on the sofa after the kids are asleep and watch a movie, if I can get something via Netflix that we’ll both enjoy. (We have completely different tastes in movies. I prefer dramas and documentaries &0133; some indies and some kinda “dark” … and he prefers mostly comedies.) Or maybe there’s another option. Asha at Parent Hacks points out that Amazon is having a huge Father’s Day DVD sale

It’s … interesting, the way the movies are subdivided: Adrenaline Junkie Dad, Couch Potato, Cowboy Dad, Family Man, History Buff, Jokester Dad, Renaissance Man, and Techie Dad. I’m guessing that last one is the closest match for me. And there are some titles there I’d definitely enjoy. The entire CSI collection would be a good start.

There are a few titles among the 600 included that get a thumbs up from me: Bad Boys, Chappelle’s Show, Kingdom of Heaven, Slaughterhouse Five, South Park – Bigger, Longer & Uncut, The Simpsons Movie, and Zodiac.

But what about movies for gay dads? Well, I didn’t see any among Amazon’s Father’s Day sale titles. These are a few I’d recommend that are worth seeing, and that might have some significance for gay dads. Not all of them are specifically about gay fathers, but it made sense to include them here.

  • Almost Normal – This really is a kind of gay Peggy Sue Got Married, that takes the main character back to his high school in a kind of alternate universe where all the parents are … well, just see it.
  • Big Eden – This is not specifically a movie about gay dads, though one of the significant storylines is about a gay man’s relationship to his father. But the romance, and the way the whole town plays a part, makes it worth seeing. Curl up with your hubby on the couch and watch this one after the kids go to bed.
  • Brokeback Mountain – If you want to see what it was like, this is a good one. I saw it with my husband, and I looked at the kind of misery that was created for whole families because of the impossibility of the two main characters having a life together, and was grateful for how much things have changed, and how much we’re changing them still.
  • Maurice – I remember seeing this when I was in college, and being struck by the courage of the main character parting from the course he was expected to take. Again, nothing helps you really appreciate what you have than being reminded of a time when it wasn’t possible.
  • Noah’s Arc – One: a series about the friendships between four black gay men. Two: A black, gay couple raising a daughter together. (And two more planning to adopt?) Three: ‘Nuff said.
  • The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert – Worth it for the musical numbers alone. But when it becomes a story about a gay father getting to know his son again (and the beginning of a new queer family?) it gets a lot more depth than one expects at the beginning.
  • We Are Dad – This movie follows the story of two gay men who adopt five children, and the state of Florida — which tried to take one of them away — will make you hug your kids a little closer.
  • Daddy & Papa – This isn’t on Amazon, near as I can tell, but it’s another great movie about the many different ways we create our families, and the love that binds them together in spite of a world that sometime penalizes us for caring and making commitments.

There may be more out there that I’ve missed. If you know of any, drop ’em in the comments. I’d love to add them to my Netflix queue.