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Quads with Two Moms

After the kids go to bed, the television in our house is usually turned to one of the channels of the Discovery franchise. And, once he’s had his fill of my crime shows, the hubby usually declares that it’s time to watch something in which no one dies a horrible death. Last night, in the course of flipping channels, I caught a commercial about a show I’m definite going to watch.

I’d have missed it if I’d been a little close to the remote, because a commercial for the Duggar family — those conservative Christian darlings of the Quiverfull movement — came on, and my usual reaction is to dive for the remote while mutter something about Discovery giving these folks a platform. But fortunately, I was to slow and the remote was too far away. Otherwise I’d have missed the commercial for “Quads with Two Moms.”

Karen Wesolowski, 42, and Martha Padgett, 38, met in August 2000, while working in health care at a California hospital. After a whirlwind romance spent traveling the world, Martha moved into Karen’s home in Riverside, Calif., and they began their lives together as a lesbian couple.

Family has always been important to Karen and Martha.  Karen, a physical therapist and director of rehabilitation, grew up in Riverside. She has two brothers, one of whom has two children of his own. Martha, a nurse for a local hospital, was born in Mexico City and is one of five children.  After relocating to the United States, Martha and her siblings began having families and she became an aunt to several nieces and nephews.

When Karen and Martha first met, Martha had a 3-year-old daughter, Julia, from a previous marriage.  Karen soon became Julia’s doting stepmother.  As time went on, however, the two women desperately wanted children of their own.  Thus began the process of trying to get pregnant through in-vitro fertilization.

After three unsuccessful years of procedures using Karen’s eggs and an anonymous sperm donor, the two women were almost ready to give up.  Mentally and financially exhausted, Martha suggested using Martha’s eggs, as she was younger than Karen.  They also decided to up the odds by implanting two embryos into both moms.  Miraculously, their plan worked — better than expected. Each mom got pregnant … with two babies!

Quads With Two Moms tells Karen and Martha’s heartfelt story of going from a family of three to seven, juggling their hectic and exciting new lives as mothers to four adorable babies. Watch Quads with 2 Moms June 9 at 8 p.m. e/p.

Evidently, they’re not the first. When I googled “Quads with Two Moms” to find out more about the show, I came across a story about a couple of lesbian moms in the UK.

A lesbian couple are celebrating the first birthday of their quadruplets.

Melanie Snee and Emma Miller have organised a family party for their three boys and one girl to mark the occasion.

Markus, Lucas, Harrison and Lara were carried by Ms Miller, 30, after fertility treatment using a sperm donor.

She gave birth to the foursome in just four minutes.

The preview looks promising.

I can hear heads exploding on the right already. But, hey, Discovery already has the Duggars, right? Why not two lesbian moms? Anyway, I can’t really be upset with discovery. They seem to have tons of same-sex couples on their design shows. It’ll be nice to see some gay presenc on a parenting-related show.

This is one I’ll definitely watch and/or Tivo.


  1. Thanks for catching this–I’ll definitely watch. FYI, there was yet another two-mom couple who had quads back in March. Clearly, it’s part of our master plan to populate the world with our offspring.

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    I’m happy for them, but man oh man, that was a bad press photo to pick to advertise the show with. I was watching the show and happened to come across your blog (with the photo) right at the point where they were putting Andrew’s chest tube in. The combination of his health problems and the fact that the press photo only showed three babies (with the missing one being Andrew) suggested that he doesn’t pull through. I was bracing myself for the other shoe to drop. I’m thrilled to know that I was wrong and that he and his older sister were simply cropped out.

  4. I have a lot of respect for these women.I think they will make wonderful parents! Finally a show that has 2 attractive lesbians!!