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iPhone Within Reach?

Apple Introduces New iPhone At Worldwide Developers Conference
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I admit it. I’ve been coveting the iPhone for a while now. I can’t help it. I stop and stare longing every time I see one. I was crushed when I discovered that if I’d still been at my old job in December, I’d have one by now.

But I’ve held off getting one. When it comes to many things tech-related, I’m an early adopter. Too a point.

The reason? The iPhone, when it first came out, was priced beyond what I felt I could justify spending on a “non-necessity.” (Though, honestly, I could easily rationalize my way into “needing” it or any other gadget.) For the same reason, despite my initial enthusiasm, I still haven’t bought a Sony Reader or an Amazon Kindle. Both were beyond what I felt comfortable spending.

But the new iPhone, and its new price, may change my mind.

Apple announced on Monday a much faster iPhone that’s half the price of the current model.

The news is expected to address one of the biggest complaints about the hugely popular iPhone: That its Internet browsing is too slow. CEO Steve Jobs said the new iPhone, which is based on 3G technology, is 36% faster than top rival Nokia’s N95 smartphone.

As first reported, the new 8-gigabyte iPhone will cost $199 and a 16-gigabyte version will cost $299. Jobs says the new iPhone will be available worldwide starting July 11. It will allow up to six hours of Web browsing and five hours of talk time.

Of course, there’s the problem of redundancy. After all, I have a working mobile phone already. I got it a couple of months ago, after I lost my old phone. And, it happens that my mobile carrier is the carrier for the iPhone. I upgraded to another phone, but the iPhone was not one of the eligible phones. So, I didn’t get it. And now I don’t need a new phone. Even an iPhone.

I don’t need a new iPod at the moment either. My old one died a couple of years ago, and I got a new one (which took a lot of effort to get working). It’s still working very well. Plus, I’ve got about 27 GB of music on my iPod, and the higher end iPhone has a 16 GB capacity. So I’d have to decide which music I wanted to carry around, rather than carry around my whole collection.

Now I’m not sure if I’m talking myself into getting an iPhone or out of one.


  1. I’m definitely planning to get one when they are available in July. I’ve been holding onto my 3 yr, 8 month old phone…so now’s definitely the time for a new one.

    Only point to note — the price of the phone did indeed go down, but the data plan went up by $10 –> 24 months * $10 = $240…so it’s not really a reduction.

  2. In spite of how attractive the iPhone is, I would not get it. First, obviously, in order to get the iPhone, one most likely would have to subscribe to and be locked-in to contract with AT&T for at least a year, if not two. Second, the iPhone is sim-locked, so another provider’s sim card (e.g. T-Mobile) would not work — which means going overseas, you cannot get a prepaid sim card to make those local calls in a foreign country — instead, you’re forced to roam internationally, plus additional per-minute surcharges for each call.

    Don’t get me wrong — I love the idea of the iPhone. Given that it’s such a feature-laden device, it’s a shame that they’ve chose to put such a short-sighted restrictions to limit its usefulness.