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Well, I’m sure there’s going to be something wrong with this movie. It’s irreverent — and probably smart, funny, and more than a little sarcastic — and it’s about religion. Oh, and it stars Bill Maher. So, given the subject matter and all, it’s probably not nearly deferential enough.

But it sure looks good. I may not see Religulous in the theaters, but I’ll stick it in my Netflix queue when it come out on DVD.


  1. Perhaps the movie will be fun and not make us cringe! Having survived religious abuse I will wait until I know about it.

  2. I think the whole point in the movie religulous is trying to make is, it’s actually safe to question your religion and have fun with it. If man didn’t question the world around him, we’d still be in caves. Seriously people, lighten up. I have my beliefs, but I’m not offended if someone disagrees with me or questions them.