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To Upgrade, or Not to Upgrade

Well, it’s out there. Firefox 3 is ready and waiting for me to download and install it.

In just five hours, the new version of the Firefox Web browser had as many downloads as its predecessor got during its entire first day, the software’s developers say.

Firefox 3 reached 1.6 million downloads by early evening Tuesday to match Firefox 2’s first-day downloads.

In the opening hours, Firefox’s Web site was distributing nearly 9,000 copies of the free software every minute.

Downloads continued Wednesday as Firefox supporters sought to set a world record for most software downloads in a 24-hour period.

The category is new, and Guinness World Records must certify it, a process that could take a week or longer.

And I have to admit, it looks good.

I’m almost always an “early adopter” when it comes to stuff like this. But I have Firefox tricked out with so many different plugins, and it frightens me to think how many of the ones I rely on for work and blogging will be broken by an upgrade, and slow to get updated.

So, should I take a deep breath and upgrade? Wait a while? Or run the old and new side by side?


  1. I tried Firefox 3 a couple of months ago and switched back to 2 immediately. Most of the add-ons were incompatible. This month I tried 3 again and have stayed with it. About half of my add-ons work now, and it does work more smoothly. I recommend making the switch today! Robin

  2. I downloaded FF3 yesterday and am fine with it so far. I don’t use a lot of plugins, but only a couple of unimportant ones don’t play with the new version. It’s interesting that FF3’s interface is now tailored to the user’s computer platform – the Mac and Windows versions have a different appearance (even the XP and Vista versions look different, or so I’m told). Pretty sleek on the Mac, where even the screen fonts seem more crisp.