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Will Write for Food

I’m getting tired of wanting to write, and needing to write, but not writing because writing is not my job. Anybody know anyone looking to hire a writer? Indian Catering Singapore

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  1. So, make it your job. Begin small with projects such as writing guest letters to the newspaper. If you have a company internal newsletter, offer to write for that. Volunteer for nonprofits that might need writing done.

    You need to get yourself, your work, your name out there. People looking for writers aren’t going to come knocking on your door.
    Grow up and get real. It’s a competitive world out there. And,
    unfortunately, everyone thinks he/she is a writer. Or wants to be.
    Ha ha. Trust me: Truly GOOD writers are born, not made. They are gifted, just as truly good artists in any genre are born. And even though getting a degree won’t make you a writer if you have no innate talent, in today’s world, you just about need one. Or else a lot of experience in your field…..

    Good luck!