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Bush Finally Busted

Unfortunately, it’s not really Bush. Just the guy who’s playing him in a movie. But it is kinda funny that the lead actor in Oliver Stone’s Bush biopic has been arrested in drunken brawl.

Actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright were arrested during the early hours of Saturday morning after a fight in a bar in a Louisiana city, police said.

Sergeant Willie Lewis said the pair, who star in Oliver Stone’s new film about George W Bush, were held along with five other people in Shreveport.

Officers would not confirm whether Mr Brolin or the others had been released. The Times of Shreveport newspaper said the others arrested were also working on the film, called W.

Filming began in May.

Mr Brolin, who has also starred in American Gangster and No Country for Old Men, plays President Bush.

Wright, best known for playing Felix Leiter in the last two James Bond films, plays former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Brolin has already been accused of method acting, and I suspect the same on Wright’s part. I could understand if Colin Powell wanted to deliver a richly deserved ass-whuppin’ to W, after all.

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