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Digest for July 18th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for July 18th from 15:10 to 16:55:

  • Street Prophets: Why Doesn’t The Religious Left Get Heard? – It's not as though people aren't exposed to non-crazy-right-wing religion in their local settings, and if you ask most religious people, they even hold mostly non-insane political beliefs. So why don't people realize that there is such a thing as religion not subservient to the GOP?
  • Gay Adoption « Deanna’s Ramblings – It’s really about giving kids good, stable homes where they are loved. Gay people have been having kids. Some of those kids have problems, sure. So do the kids of straights. The vast majority of kids raised by gay and straight families turn out to be happy, well-adjusted, productive members of society. Isn’t that what it’s all about?
  • Feministe » Gender Policing Hurts Kids – According to research published in the journal Sex Roles, kids who’s parents over-correct “… gender atypical behavior (GAB) i.e. behavior traditionally considered more typical for children of the opposite sex” are at greater risk of developing adverse adult psychiatric symptoms.
  • Worcester Telegram & Gazette News – What happened almost two years ago still bitterly divides the town of Kearny, a community of about 41,000 that’s located across the Passaic River from Newark. It also has provided further fodder in the long-running debate about the role of religion in public classrooms.
  • Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Why Pan-Religious Cooperation Could be Bad – I'm just not inclined to accept lectures about ethics from a brutal dictator whose regime beheads people for being of the wrong religion, puts gay people to death and has roving gangs (they call them police) whose job is to beat women who leave the house unattended by a male relative.
  • Box Turtle Bulletin » Today In History: The APA Says No – In fact, it was forty-five years ago today that the American Psychological Association declined to meet with the Mattachine Society to discuss the work of Evelyn Hooker, which demonstrated that gays and lesbians who weren’t patients of mental health professionals were indistinguishable from heterosexuals.

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