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Digest for July 21st through July 22nd

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for July 21st through July 22nd:

  • Blog Pimping, or: Who Do You Want to Delight? | 43 Folders – For myself, I think there’s nothing wrong with having a blog and wanting to make money with it. Obviously. But I also hold an increasingly old-fashioned view that you ought to start with something you’re passionate about sharing with people — something besides how to make easy money with a blog — and try to build an audience of people you respect based on producing work you’re happy with or even proud of.
  • Big Contrarian → Tacky. – Despite the utter-bullshit so much of Anderson’s long tail has proven to be, the core idea that everything finds an audience should be held up and remembered. Clung to fastidiously; A life raft for the ignored, for the invisible. If you’re worth reading, someone will read you. If you’re worth watching, someone will watch you. If you’re worth hearing, someone will listen.
  • Open Left:: Wedgie! – In 2009, Obama and Democrats in Congress should move to repeal the ban on homosexuals openly serving in the military by passing legislation to reform the uniform code. Overwhelming public opinion like this will make passing such reform possible, and also result in driving a wedge right down the middle of the Republican coalition.
  • » Does Gay Marriage Threaten the Gospel? – The California Supreme Court has decided that gay couples should be allowed to wed. The decision went into effect last month (June 2008). Not surprisingly many of my fellow evangelicals are up in arms. Does gay marriage threaten the proclamation of the Gospel? Some are claiming that it does. I doubt it.
  • Truemors :: If Money Talks, Isaiah Washington Supports Gay Marriage – Doing a 180 since homophobic comments got him ousted from Grey’s Anatomy, Isaiah Washington reportedly gave his support to gay marriage when the show’s former publicist, Chuck O’Donnell, tied the knot with his partner

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