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Let Lesbos Be Lesbos

I posted earlier about the isle of Lesbos suing entire lesbian sisterhood for exclusive rights to the word “lesbian.” Well, it looks like we can all breath a little easier. The court ruled that the folks who live on Lesbos don’t own the word “lesbian.”

zz3bc4680frl7.jpg A Greek court Tuesday ruled that a gay rights group can use the word lesbian in its name, stating that the people from the island of Lesbos do not have sole claim to the word, Reuters reported.

A group from the Aegean island filed a lawsuit in June against the Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece, claiming its name was an affront to the residents of Lesbos, who refer to themselves as Lesbians. A Greek court ruled against the islanders.

That’s a relief. Because you know if the court had ruled the other way, somebody would be going to court to “take back” “gay,” “queer,” and anything else they could come up with, and we’d be busted back down to “Urnings,” or some such.

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