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Digest for July 23rd through July 24th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for July 23rd through July 24th:

  • Hollywood Walk of Shame to Get $4.2 Million – Okay so let me get this right. $4.2 million dollars is going to be used to fixed cracks in concrete that feature the names of celebrities who are either dead or they themselves are millionaires. How about $4.2 million to go towards eradicating Los Angeles’ homeless problem?
  • Citizen Crain: McCain’s neurons – I am concerned about Senator John McCain's mental ability to perform well as president. Anyone can make a gaffe or mis-speak. However, there have been a string of errors from McCain recently that indicate to me that his neurons aren't firing quite optimally.
  • The G Spot: My heart vagina belongs to daddy – Oh well — Time magazine likes to cover its scarlet hussy soul in the virginal white of the purity balls. Sally Quinn's little kink is to masquerade as a Catholic. But then again, Marie Antoinette and her ladies-in-waiting liked to dress up as shepherdesses, didn't they? It's the same phenomenon, expressed in different ways: bloated, corrupt, hopelessly out-of-touch elites pretending to be what they're not, and hoping the moral virtue of the Little People will rub off on them, somehow.
  • From the Ashes of Neoliberalism — Center for Community Change – The neoliberal agenda has had devastating consequences. To change course, we will need to challenge the values of individualism and competition, and reintroduce the values of community and cooperation.
  • The Bilerico Project | John McCain Should Talk to the Real Expert on My Family – Me – My moms adopted me out of foster care when I was eleven years old. I'm seventeen now. I love my family. My moms provide for me in all the ways that other parents provide for their children. We have our problems just like everybody else, but in the end we take care of each other. We believe in each other.
  • XGW Bookshelf: Messy Spirituality | Ex-Gay Watch – Most churches reinforce this perfectionistic line of thinking, setting high standards for how their members should look and act and offering countless formulas for “godly” living that never quite work as well as advertised. The end result is pews full of people with smiles permanently in place who know all the right things to say to hide the disarray and dysfunction that lie just below the surface.
  • Feministe » The US Economy Is Completely Utterly Totally Screwed – These people are all scurrilous lying sacks of shit, selling you a bill of goods in service of their corporate masters. They are purposefully hiding from you the ugly ugly truth about the US economy, in order to “prevent panic”, which is code for “give the ultra-rich time to pocket their ill-gotten gains before the bottom falls out”.
  • “Gay guilt” & the lack of gay Mental Health blogs « Aethelread the Unread – By not being happy, self-confident and so on, I’m not just letting the side down by failing to be like everyone else. I’m also letting the side down because I’m providing ammunition for the sorts of people who still like to argue that being gay means living a lonely, sad and unfulfilled existence.

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