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Guilty Pleasures

I wasn’t tagged for this, but after coming across Jill’s post, I couldn’t resist.

Julian has tagged me with a meme: The five most embarrassing tracks on my iPod. His are pretty great/horrendous (I too remember feeling like a super-hardcore 7th grader for loving “NIN,” and I too went to several “DMB” concerts). But here’s the thing: I have tons of embarrassing music on my iPod, but the most embarrassing of the embarrassing comes from this dude who I’m currently hanging out with who has the worst taste in music possibly ever (he’s pretty sweet in just about every way, but looking at his iTunes makes me want to weep). So he may or may not have sent me songs not only by Hilary Duff, but also by JoJo and Jordin Sparks. Yeah. I also may or may not have put both songs on repeat and muted my computer so that it would look like I listened to both of them when I haven’t.

Oh boy. I have something like something like over 4,000 songs on my 30 GB video iPod. There’s plenty of embarrassing stuff there.

Before launching into this, however, I will add one little caveat. I have a penchant for creating playlists based on stuff I find online. For example: I have playlists based on: Blender’s list of the 50 worst songs ever, The Guardian’s list of sad songs, AOL’s list of the 69 sexiest songs ever, an FILQ playlist of titled “That’s So Gay! The Non-Heterocentric Playlist,”, a list of queer songs I compiled on Usenet years ago, and even one playlist based on this BlogCritics post on songs about serial killers (from back when I was working on a freelance project about a fictional serial killer). I even want to put together a playlist based on THIS Magazine’s list of 40 essential songs of resistance. It gets to be an expensive habit after a while, and it means I have some stuff on my iPod as a result that would could as embarrassing. These songs are not from any of those lists.

That said, here goes:

Il DivoIl Divo – Unbreak My Heart: Let’s just get this out of the way right now. I have absolutely no excuse for this. None whatsoever. The only reason I have this song is because I liked looking at them. What that has to do with listening to them, I’m not sure. I also liked the idea of a guy singing this song, but can’t think who might be able to pull it off. Do these guys pull it off? Sorry, I was too busy watching to listen.

Engelbert HumperdinkEngelbert Humperdink – After the Lovin: I was born in 1969, and I grew up listening the radio. As a result, I have an extensive 70s playlist. Still, I’m not sure how Engelbert made it onto that list. For what it’s worth, I only have one song of his. Maybe I included him because he was kind of a prototypical type of 70s male pop star; kind of a cross between Liberace and Burt Reynolds. Sexy enough for the matron crowd, without being too over the top. (Maxim rated him one of the top ten living legends of sex, after all.)

MystikalMystikal – Shake Ya Ass: Surprise ya, didn’t I? That was probably one of the last songs you expected to find on my iPod. Yeah? Me too. I’m not sure why I have this one, because it is so not me, 99.9% the time. I’m not even sure where I got the idea to put it on my ipod. I either saw it Ellen do something with it in a comedy routine. Or maybe it was this scene from Scary Movie 2. (How many takes did they have to do, I wonder.)

Rick DeesRick Dees – Disco Duck: Did I mention my theme-oriented playlists earlier? This is one of those pics. It ended up either on my 70s playlist or my disco playlist, or both. I’m really not sure which, let alone when, or why it ended up on my iPod. But what’s more surprising is that I discovered Dees is still around. Not only that, but he owns the domain He may have made a pretty goofy song — on which he apparently did not provide the “duck vocals.” That didn’t stop him from performing it, naturally. And this was before Milli Vanilli.

The Out There BrothersThe Out There Brothers – F*ck You in the Ass: This came on a compilation. It’s the last song on the compilation. And when I play that compilation, I either have to have my earbuds in, or I have to make sure I stop it before the last song. Especially if the Parker is around, since he’s at that age where where he knows those words. He’s not at the age where he’ll repeat them, yet. He’s at the age where he says “Dad, we’re not supposed to say that word,” if I let it slip out. I guess that’s a “banned word” in our house. So it’s approprite that this song ended up in a banned commercial. (Video may be NSFW.)

OK. That’s all I got. I’m too lazy to tag anybody. Plus I’m overdue for lunch as a result of writing this post. So, post yours in the comments, or post ’em on your blog and link back here. I showed you mine. Now you show me yours.

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