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Digest for July 25th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for July 25th from 13:30 to 13:53:

  • Barbara Fischkin: Why an Older Autism Mom Wishes Life Was as Simple as Mike Savage – Michael Savage, there is a new discussion in the autism community regarding whether we should revile you, or pity you? I have a third suggestion. Perhaps we should ask you if you'd like to see one of our best autism professionals yourself? By your own admission you sound like you, too, are on our kids' spectrum. There is the issue of "inappropriate outbursts." Sadly, our kids have them. Sadly it sounds like you do too.
  • Dana Milbank – Sorry We Asked, Sorry You Told – – It was tempting to think that Donnelly had been chosen by Democrats to sabotage the case against open military service for homosexuals. But Republicans had consented to the witness panel, which also included retired Army Maj. Gen. Vance Coleman, a black man who likened the current policy to racial segregation in the military, and retired Army Sgt. Maj. Brian Jones, who argued almost as passionately as Donnelly for the need to keep the military straight.
  • Crappy Hour: Why Is It That Elaine Donnelly Can’t Stop Thinking About Gay Sex? – Elaine Donnelly is a crazy right-wing lady who hates the idea of gays in the military so much that she just can't stop thinking about all the perverted things they do to one another and how other completely heterosexual people like her might get caught up in homosexual behavior. And if that sounds like the start to, like, every gay porn flick you've ever seen, well, that's because Elaine missed her calling as an erotic writer/lesbian and is instead writing porn into her Congressional testimony.
  • Truthdig – Reports – AIDS and the Myth of the Oversexed Negro – Conventional wisdom insists that habits die hard. Stereotypes die even harder. Ever since journalist/adventurer Henry Stanley Morton’s account of Lord Napier’s 1868 Ethiopian campaign was published by The New York Herald, Africa has remained, in the minds of Americans, an ungovernable jungle where half-naked pygmies, polygamists and pagans roam around, negotiating their existence in the midst of exotic primitive chaos.
  • TPMCafe | Talking Points Memo | World writes open letter to McCain – The entire world drafted an open letter to Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) today, asking him to drop out of the U.S. presidential race and concede the presidency to Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois).
  • Jamie Barnett – Defending Our Values – – Did you know that your safety and security depend on gay men and lesbians?
  • The Obama Man Crush | Views | – Sure, women swoon, but have you ever noticed that guys, too, seem almost weak-kneed over the senator with mad skills and a million-dollar smile?

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