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Digest for August 13th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for August 13th from 11:38 to 14:18:

  • Kids of Queers: More Gay Men are Embracing Fatherhood – One of the commenters stated that it is fine for the young kids who have two dads but when they get older they will get teased horribly. Funny, I don't remember being teased as a kid or teen. And saying that children will be harmed because of the teasing is another attempt to blame the victim. Maybe if these concerned folks taught their kids that it isn't okay to tease anyone and that gay men and women have just as much right to marry and have children as the rest of us then maybe their kids wouldn't tease kids of gay parents. Maybe.
  • Behind the gay-marriage talk : Opinion L.A. : Los Angeles Times – In any case, one Prop. 8 supporter said, gay rights are not as important as children's rights, and it's obvious that same-sex couples who married would "recruit" their children toward homosexuality because otherwise, unable to procreate themselves, they would have no way to replenish their numbers. Even editorial writers can be left momentarily speechless, and this was one of those moments. Aside from this notion of a homosexual recruitment plot — making it understandable where the word "homophobia" came from — this made no logical sense at all. Same-sex couples. whether married or not, already have children. Marriage wouldn't change a thing about this picture except, perhaps, to model for children that parents tend to be married.
  • What’s Their Real Problem with Gay Marriage (It’s the Gay Part) – All of this suggests to me that the real problem opponents have with gay marriage is not that it will extend benefits or threaten marriage. The objection is that it will end the socially acceptable discrimination against lesbian and gay people.
  • Feministe » John Edwards – In late December 2006, in an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News, Edwards said, “Do I believe they should have the right to marry? I’m just not there yet…” (This was during the same time period as his affair with Rielle Hunter). This seems more reminiscent of Ted Haggard or Larry Craig, taking positions on family values and then specifically contradicting those. It’s important, in my opinion, for a representative to actually represent her
  • Box Turtle Bulletin » Today In History: A Bugger Was Hung – “Buggery” — the quaint British legal term for homosexual activity — was a capital offense until 1861, when the laws were finally relaxed to allow for life imprisonment. But that change came almost thirty years too late for Captain Henry Nicholas Nicholls, who was hanged 175 years ago today for the “abominable vice.”
  • Jayne Lyn Stahl: John Edwards And Our Rovian Politics – When asked whether John Edwards can forget about his future in politics, even his former campaign manager, David Bonior, turned against him: "You can't lie in politics and expect to have people's confidence." Excuse me, but what do you call it when, a president lies to Congress, and the American people, about the existence of weapons of mass destruction, takes us to war without a formal declaration of war; and one that has cost the lives of many thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians?


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    ACTION ALERT: Tell the Right-Wing Consultants NO to Prop 8!

  2. Please see link> because it features quotes from adoptess’ support workers. And to find out what the donor-conception industry don’t want you to know please read link> Many thanks.