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Dan on Marriage

By the time I got out of my meeting this afternoon, and the rest of the day finally opened up, I thought today would be a wash blog-wise. Certainly, it was unlikely I’d post anything, since I still have a ton of things I haven’t even read yet. So I checked the stats, just to see if anyone had stopped by, and found a lot of visitors coming in from YouTube. YouTube? Why would I be getting visitors from YouTube?

Well, it turned out that a guy named Dan posted a video about his views on same-sex marriage, and he linked to my post “What Rights Should Same-Sex Couples Have?”, as a reference for his readers.

Thanks, Dan! I wish more people thought like you. And since one good turn deserves another, here’s the video.

One Comment

  1. While it’s encouraging to hear people such as Dan, having such progressive views, but these days, I’m beginning to think for every person like Dan, there are probably about 5 to 10 people that think like this:

    Sure, it’s a matter of the government legislating “morality”, but that’s what governments do. Stealing, for instance, is illegal because it is wrong to steal.

    Of course, they are completely wrong. The principle behind the U.S. government is one of “Natural Rights Philosophy” that says the role of government is (and of law) only to protect another person from being harmed against their will or from having their rights violated.