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Cell Phone Etiquette Rules

zz25962a74bu0.jpgOK. I’ll confess to breaking at least a couple of these. I’ve broken no. 1 countless times, mainly because of poor reception. If I get a call at work, the reception in my office is a little spotty, so I’ll end up walking to the empty office across the hall while saying “Hello?! Hello?! Can you hear me?” pretty loudly because they can’t hear me. At least not until I get across the hall. In the meantime I’ve got to sound like an idiot long enough to make sure I don’t lose the call between point A and point B. If the empty office across the hall is occupied, then I might end up standing in the hallway sounding like an idiot. A loud idiot.

There there’s my good friends at WMATA. (The picture above is one of their old posters.) There are two bus stops at the end of my street, one on my side and one on the other, both for buses that will take me to Metro stations roughly equidistant from my office. So, I can catch either. The one across the street comes a little earlier, and that’s the one I prefer. But the bus arrival times are more like a window period. It may arrive a few minutes early, in which case I’ve already missed it by the time I get out the door. Or it’s running a few minutes late. The problem is, I don’t know which is the case, but I need to know soon, because the bus on my side of the street comes just a minute or two later (though sometimes they arrive at the same time.)

So, I end up calling WMATA’s number, to get the scheduled arrival times. Their system is voice automated, and it never fails that I have to shout over the noise of the traffic, and the damn thing doesn’t understand me anyway. At least I’m outside, and there’s no one around for me to annoy.

But those are small issues compared to no. 8.

5. Texting while driving.

Somebody please get the “Darwin Awards” on the phone. Of course, if you’re driving when you do, make sure you’re on hands free or have pulled over before you start explaining how there are people who send texts while behind the wheel of a vehicle. According to a Harvard University study, cell phones cause over 200 deaths and half a million injuries each year. And that’s with eyes on the road! Laws are in place to make sure people aren’t talking on their phones, and yet people are typing?!?! (I very rarely use the double question mark with the double exclamation point at the end of sentences, but this is ridiculous) I would love to see the tombstone: Was LOL when he WCTTFW (Went crashing through the freaking windshield) Anyone caught texting while driving should be stripped of their driving

Are people fucking kidding me with this? Texting while driving? I wouldn’t believe it, except that I’ve seen it myself. We’ll be driving to or from the grocery store or some shopping errand, and I’ll look over and see someone in the next car texting way, some with the phone secured in their hands while steering the car. If I’m driving, I try to move away from them at a safe speed. If I’m not, I’ll give the hubby a heads up.

I mean, what are people thinking?


  1. I skimmed the article, but didn’t see any specific mention of bathroom use of cell phones, although I suppose to some degree it falls under “Location, location, location.” That’s my number one pet peeve, and there are people at my office who do it all the time.

  2. When I encounter someone using a cell phone in a public restroom, I make a point of not being especially quiet about my business.

    Because I figure whoever’s on the other end NEEDS to know they’re being called from the “facility lounge.”

    That, and I don’t personally have a cell phone.

  3. I haven’t broken any of these rules. But then again I don’t have a cell phone, nor do I want one.

    Years ago my employer issued me one which I had for three months. I made a total of zero calls. I received only one (from my boss) which I missed because as I soon found out the phone can’t go three months without a charge.

    His question of “How often do you recharge it?” was answered with, they need to be recharged?

    I was serious and he knew it. He was laughing too hard to get mad at me. Though he did take the phone away from me.