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Digest for August 18th

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for August 18th from 12:01 to 13:19:

  • Feministe » Individualism – Bigotry relies on classification. People who are sexist, racist, ablist, homophobic, transphobic, what have you, have convinced themselves that women, people of color, etc. are X or are not Y. That they are able to feel a particular way about an entire group because the group is homogenous in some way.
  • Max Blumenthal: Feelin’ The Hate With Toby Keith Nation – When Fox News picked up Keith's comments, Big Dog Daddy's loyal fans bombarded my in-box with a deluge of indignant rants. While insisting to me that "Beer For My Horses" contained not even a hint of coded racial animus, Keith's fans simultaneously revealed their simmering resentment of Jews, blacks, and "faggy liberals."
  • Why Soldiers Rape — In These Times – The answer appears to lie in a confluence of military culture, the psychology of the assailants and the nature of war.
  • Independent Gay Forum – Stossel on the ‘Sex Police’ – It's unknown how many innocents get swooped up in these actions, but there's little question that even for those who arguably are violating public propriety, the government's "sting" (a cheap and easy way to meet arrest quotas) is often devastating, and sometimes deadly.
  • How Anti-Intellectualism Is Destroying America | | AlterNet – That's really the American paradox. For example, there is no country that has had more faith in education as an instrument of social mobility. No country in the West democratized education earlier, but no country has been more suspicious of too much education. We've always thought of education as good if it gets you a better job, but bad if it makes you think too much.
  • What Have We Become? – NAM – On the eve of the Beijing Olympics, while Bush was preparing to express his "deep concerns" over China's human rights record, Chinese immigrant Hiu Lui Ng was dying in the custody of our great nation's own U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. For months, according to the New York Times, 33-year-old Mr. Ng had complained of excruciating back pain. Officials accused him of faking it. When a judge finally ordered that Mr. Ng be brought to a hospital, it was discovered that he had a fractured spine, cancer all over his body, and very little time to live. He died five days later, leaving behind a wife and two young sons.
  • Kate Clinton: The Rodney Dangerfield of Nations – George has enough accumulated sick days to go on vacation, call the home office from the ranch and say he is not coming back. But no.

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