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Morning Digest

My rigged-up, automated digest solution isn’t working this morning, but here are the people who are writing about the stuff I wish I had time to write about.

The Mess is the Message — In These Times
Historians agree. In a survey conducted in April by the History News Network, 61 percent said Bush would go down as the nation’s worst president. But is everyone using the wrong metric for success? It’s misguided to view the remarkable misgovernment of the past eight years as the practical failure of well-intentioned conservative policy prescriptions or the work of a few greedy public servants. This period, rather, was a triumph , the apotheosis of a movement that fetishizes the free market, treats…

The economy discriminates against blacks, Latinos
Despite the possibility of electing a black president, America still faces severe racial chasms. On a fundamental level, our economy continues to give crumbs to blacks and Latinos. Since 1968, the year Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, the income gap between blacks and whites has narrowed by just three cents on the dollar.

Frank Schaeffer: God Against Obama: Dobson, Osteen, Corsi, the Evangelicals Strike Again
Evangelicalism is really just another version of American individualism and the entertainment industry wherein “freedom” is interpreted as the right to be a consumer and choose one’s favorite products from ski mobiles, jet skis, a trip to the Bahamas, a new-car or joining a the local mega church of the moment. Victoria Osteen today, Rick Warren yesterday, whatever wanders in tomorrow, with a book deal and nice way of talking.

Bush Is the Worst Commander in Chief Ever
Not only has Bush failed, for seven years now, to get Osama bin Laden. He’s actually enabled bin Laden to regroup and become an increasing threat. This alone makes Bush the worst commander in chief ever.

The worst job in America | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist
There is probably no personal act more effective at benefiting the environment than reducing meat consumption. But a true environmentalist must also take a hard look at the social dimensions of sustainability; again, the meat industry ranks as the worst form of abuse. As this radio show documents, slaughterhouses in America are places of such immense depravity and illegality that they are the worst places to work in the whole country.

Truthdig – Ear to the Ground – When Minorities Are in the Majority
Census data project that in just 34 years, today’s minority groups together will make up the majority of the U.S. population, outnumbering “non-Hispanic whites.” Contrary to what Lou Dobbs and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps would have you believe, the change in demographics has more to do with procreation than immigration.

Arkansas Shooting, Summer of Menace
Somehow, the most mild-mannered Democrats can attract a kind of vitriol you might expect toward a Martin Luther King or a Gandhi, not a glad-handing, pro-establishment, “bipartisan” fan of compromise.

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