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Addict’s Almanac

I haven’t made a secret on this blog that I’m a recovering alcoholic. (In fact, last month I celebrated 16 years of sobriety.) So, I was intrigued when I found Kevin’s link to Addict’s Almanac — Tye Dowdy’s series of posts over at Street Roots. When I clicked through to the posts, I was glad I did.

Like Kevin, Dowdy’s experiences are very different from mine, but mostly on the surface. Reading it, I felt at first the familiar feeling I had in some of my first twelve step meetings, listening to people talk about the wreckage addiction had made of their lives.

As a 23-year-old whose drinking career had been relatively short, but who was fortunate enough to recognize a wake-up call when I got one, I couldn’t relate to the stories I sometimes hear about DUI arrests, lost jobs, lost marriages and relationships, lost health, lost fortunes, etc. I remember mentioning those feelings to my sponsor, who said to me, “Well, if you go back out and start drinking again, all that and more could be yours.”

Since then, I’ve always been drawn to the stories of other addicts, not just because I find them informative, but also because it’s a reminder that beyond the surface of age, location, economic class, drug of choice, etc., we’re pretty much the same underneath.

Dowdy’s piece should be required reading for anyone holding forth on the “drug war.” I could get into my thoughts about that, but that’s a much longer post.

For now, go read Addict’s Almanac.


  1. Thanx for the support. You totally “get it”

  2. I did know that you were recovering, but had forgotten until you mentioned it here. Congratulations on sixteen years of sobriety, Terrance. Your sponsor is very wry, but I recognize the warning in his words. We are all just that close to the precipice.

  3. i am such a huge fan of your blog! congratulations on sixteen years of sobriety! i am seventeen years clean & sober myself. it never ceases to amaze me how much (realness!) you put into your blog! i will be sure to check out “addict’s almanac” and pass it on… thanks for sharing! keep up the great work!

  4. congrats on your achievement. I too am a recovering addict…my addiction was nicotine. Happy to report i’ve been smoke free since the 27th of December 2007!