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2008 Democratic National Convention: Day 2

My reaction? “Goddamn and Holy Shit! She did it!” I’m (finally) sitting here in the bloggers’ lounge at the Pepsi Center, where I heard her speech, and from where I sit, she did what she needed to do.

In the first two sentences, she unequivocally supported Barrack Obama. Then she talked about her campaign — about the people she was in it for — and then she laid it on the line with one question: “Were you in it for me? Or were you in it for them?”

The answer was clear: You’ve got to be in it for them, and if you’re in it for them, you’ve got to elect Barrack Obama.

But you saw the same speech. What do you think?


  1. In how many minutes did she mention Obama how many times? Something close to 3 mentions in 30 minutes. That’s not nearly enough. Her speech was good but it seamed to me that it was too much rhetoric and not enough content. She talked too much about herself and not enough about Obama.

  2. She could’ve spent less time talking about all of her “achievements” and concentrated on Obama for the length of her speech. She also could’ve said in plain words that she believes that Obama is ready to lead, and team with Biden they have more than enough experience to run the country. I thought her speech could have been less self-centered in general. I hope Bill does a better job in his speech to get everyone on Obama’s page.

  3. I actually didn’t see it, I heard it on the radio.

    I think she hit all the right notes, in the right order. Essentially she said to her supporters, “If you don’t campaign HARD for Obama, you are betraying everything we worked for.”

    I loved the “No how, no way, no McCain” line, and the “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits”. (The “sisterhood of the traveling pants” may have passed your demographic by — big with middle school girls about 4 years ago; has mushroomed).

    Hillary, with dignity and determination, 100% for Obama.

    What is the best role for Hillary in the Obama administration? Does she have the prerequisites for Supreme Court?

  4. Actually, I’m not mad about that. I think we have to acknowledge and celebrate what she and her campaign achieved. Between her and Barrack Obama, we had something that could only happen in the Democratic party: two history-making candidacies at once. She claimed her due, that’s all, and gave her supporters their due. Nothing wrong with that.

    So, she had to talk about herself, and her campaign to bring her supporters around to the question: Were you in me just for me, or were you in it for them? And to answer that if you are in it for all of Americans who have ever felt “invisible” or “denied, then we have to be in it to get Obama elected. Not because his election will be a panacea, but because it will open the door to address the concerns of those Americans who have been invisible for the past 8 years.

  5. I only managed to hear parts of her speech… I’m not terribly interested in these kinds of political speeches, when it’s basically tongue and cheek, nothing really substantive about issues.

    The “in it for me or were you in it for them?” I think she hit the nail right on the head. Some of the Clinton supporters who are actually considering voting for McCain — you gotta wonder, why they are voting for Clinton? Was it the issues? or was it for her? By the same token, were they thinking of voting for McCain because of his positions on those same issues? or is it because they’re voting against Obama?

    As far as the rest of the speech, I agree with others, that she didn’t go as far as she could have in her speech to boost Obama’s standing, as far as mentioning Obama’s achievement and how her views on him have changed, etc. The cynic in me sense some sort of game she’s playing, though — that she wants to appear like a team player, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to give up her power, her sphere of influence. On the contrary, she seem to want to strengthen her sphere of influence.

  6. She sited all the reasons she ran for prez and then said it’s for those same reasons she is supporting Obama. She said she didn’t want to see all the progress go down the drain with McCain in office. She had to acknowledge her supporters and the history she made this year. I think she hit it out the park.
    Love your blog.