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Celebrity Sitings

It’s true, celebs abounded in Denver.

You can’t walk within shouting distance of the Pepsi Center here without sighting Ben Affleck, Eva Longoria, Stephen Spielberg or Melissa Etheridge.

After Hillary Clinton’s speech Tuesday, reporters lurched after passed canapés poolside at a posh Denver home where Sean Penn and directors J.J. Abrams and Cameron Crowe filled out a crowd that included Charlie Rose, Sony Pictures (SNE) Chairman Michael Lynton and Liberty Media chief executive Greg Maffei.

It’s no surprise that the mostly liberal cultural mavens of Hollywood cannot contain their enthusiasm for Barack Obama (if that looks like Oprah cheering tonight during his big moment, it probably is.) It’s also brilliantly perverse that while the Republican governor of California is an action movie star, John McCain’s campaign derisively labels Obama as “the biggest celebrity in the world.”

But from a business perspective, it’s hard to explain why so many media folks are here. Rarely has so much firepower come together in one place with so little specific purpose.

I had psuedo-celebrity citings all week. Pseudo, because they always turned out to be wrong, except for one. On Monday, I thought I saw one of my favorite actors. But it was only some guy who looked like Joaquin Phoenix, if he’d put on a little weight between movies. Wednesday, I thought I saw some guy who looked like an unshaven ( see electric razor reviews) by David Spade. I thought I saw George Lucas walk past me as one point, but I decided that if he was at Invesco field, he’d have a private box.

But then I hit the jackpot with my number one bona fide celeb encounter in Denver. I was leaving the press box and leaving Invesco field (to beat the rush), riding the elevator down to the first floor, when the elevator stopped on the third floor, and on to the elevator stepped…

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Sarah Silverman. She bounced right on the elevator and stood next to me. I think I said, “Oh my god! I love you!” She couldn’t have been sweeter. She seemed genuinely flattered, and even a little surprised, and said “Oh, thank you!” She shook my hand, asked me my name, and then got off at the next floor.

Now, why couldn’t she have had Matt Damon with her? I’d have told him “I love you,” too.

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