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Digest for August 30th through September 1st

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for August 30th through September 1st:

  • Transphobic Words and Deeds « Questioning Transphobia – Part of privilege is that the pain we cause is either invisible to us, or we believe that the target of that pain somehow brought it upon herself or deserved it. Another part of privilege is interpreting events in our favor whenever possible, and expecting the dominant social forces to support that interpretation.
  • Rod 2.0:Beta: Some Thoughts on Sarah Palin – Sarah Palin has just as much “experience” as Virginia’s gay-baiting first term Gov. Tim Kaine or the clueless Republican lite first term Sen. Claire McCaskill. Both were promoted as serious vice presidential options by the Obama campaign and the media. Oh, and championed by numerous “progressives” and readers of this blog. (Check comments.) If you want to criticize the Republican vice presidential nominee, go after her wingnut positions or her this-close relationship with the evangelicals and social conservatives. Criticizing Sarah Palin’s perceived lack of experience will not be a winning argument.
  • Respectful Insolence: The best Chick tract ever? – Jack Chick is old. After many years of turning out the most hilariously over-the-top Christian fundamentalist cartoons, you may think he’s lost his edge, but if anything he seems to be getting even loonier. For example, check out his latest tract First Bite:
  • Is The US Becoming A Part Of The Internet Backwater? – For most of the life of the Internet the United States has played the biggest role in the development and managing of it. At one point all the data that flowed on the Internet went through the US and US companies. I don’t there are very many companies involved with the Internet infrastructure ever imagined a day would come where this wasn’t the case. That day however may very soon be upon us; if it already hasn’t started happening.
  • The Bilerico Project | Open Letter to Log Cabin Republicans – As Governor of Alaska for the past 20 months, and prior as a mayor and council member of a small Alaskan town, Sarah Palin does not have many public statements regarding equality for gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgender and queer Americans. We have created a comparison of Palin’s known positions on LGBT equality with those of Senators McCain, Obama, and Biden, and we have also listed the specifics about Palin positions on gay rights. From this we know three things about her regarding equality:
  • Gays, Others Lead To Earth’s Doom! / Queerty – Director Rick Stout brings the right-wing movement into uncharted territory with his new flick, Demographic Winter, which firmly points a finger at gays, feminists and lefties for the declining population rates. Because, you know, we threaten marriage and there can be no babies without marriage.
  • Deciding Whether to Read a Book: Some Wildly Reductive Heuristics | 43 Folders – On the off chance that you care or find it useful in developing your own filtering, here’s my insanely reductive, mean-busy-guy way to make a 90-second decision on whether to read a new non-fiction book from an author I’m not familiar with. It does not matter whether you agree with these; that’s how you know they’re personal heuristics. Also, they are almost uniformly unfair and unkind. So.
  • Daily Kos: Sarah Palin Is NOT The Mother [Photos+Video] – Sarah Palin was not pregnant with child. Her sixteen year-old daughter was.
  • The Truest Graffiti Message You’ll See All Day view! | The Best Article Every day – “go to work, send your kids to school follow fashion, act normal walk on the pavements, watch T.V. save for your old age, obey the law Repeat after me: I am free”
  • ACLU Blog: Because Freedom Can’t Blog Itself: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union » Katrina Remembered – The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina will go down in history as one of the most shameful episodes from one of the worst administrations ever to lead our nation. Whoever wins the election in November will have plenty of work to do along our Gulf Coast, which will be particularly urgent now that they are facing a looming affordable housing crisis.
  • Citizen Crain: Log Cabin’s big decision – Log Cabin’s leaders no doubt worries that open door will slam shut if they decline to endorse, but still they should consider the very real cost of going along to get along. It sends the message that whatever their opposition on the issues, Republican politicians need only answer their phone calls to win their support.
  • Citizen Crain: What was he thinking? – My hat’s off to my friend Kevin and others for trying to put lipstick on a pig, but McCain has just punted on the single issue that was most likely to beat Barack Obama. Sarah Palin is completely unprepared to be vice president, much less president — and far, far less experienced than Obama.
  • Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Michael Moore: Shut the Hell Up – You know, I watched this show live and cringed when he said it. Michael Moore on with Keith Olbermann said on Friday night that if Hurricane Gustav hits New Orleans during the RNC, that would prove there is a god. Seriously. Of course he laughed it off as a joke and said he hopes no one dies, but so what? That’s what the Republicans say when they make jokes like that and we don’t accept that excuse then. I’m not accepting it now either.
  • Sarah Palin, Wrong Woman for the Job – Here’s the reality: Palin is a rightwing-Christian anti-choice extremist who opposes abortion for any reason whasoever, except to save the life of the girl or woman. No exception even for rape, incest, or the health of the woman. No exception for a ten-year-old, a woman carrying a fetus with no chance of life, a woman on the edge of suicide– let alone the woman who is not ready to be a parent, who is escaping domestic violence, who is already stretched to the limit as a single mother. She wants to force over one million women and girls a year to give birth against their will and judgment. She wants to use the magnificent freedom the women’s movement has won for her at tremendous cost and struggle–the movement that won her the right to run those marathons and run Alaska — to take away the freedom of every other woman in the country.
  • Feministe » Sarah Palin and the Drink America’s Milkshake Party – In short, Palin’s relationship to the GOP’s traditional platform — less government, less taxes — is slippery at best, certainly making her a gamble for the fiscally-concerned wing of the Republican party. But many are saying that Palin is really meant to galvanize the socially-concerned wing of the Republican party, the “babies, guns, and Jesus” wing, as Limbaugh puts it.
  • GayPatriot » Why the GOP should avoid gay issues in St. Paul – The issue, as I’ve said then and repeated ad nauseum since I first founded a Log Cabin chapter in the late 1990s, is that most Americans are neither pro-gay nor anti-gay, but they are by and large, anti-anti-gay. They may not like what we do in the bedroom, may find it “icky,” may even disapprove of my public smooch this afternoon, but they pretty much want to leave people like us alone. And would wonder at politicians who dwell on the issue.
  • Michelle Obama’s story | – In many ways, Michelle Obama’s story is the American dream, a classic tale of a supportive family, a working-class background, and success in school and career.
  • A president, not a savior | – Hard as it may be to imagine in the midst of a modern campaign season, the Framers wholly rejected the notion of the “bully pulpit.” Presidents were to be seen more than heard, which is why our first seven presidents averaged a little over three public speeches a year. Nor did early presidents follow the modern practice of referring to themselves as the “commander in chief,” as if all America was a vast army directed by a supreme military leader. When George Washington referred to the office he held, most often it was with the humble term “chief magistrate.”