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MetroWeekly & Me

In all the chaos of going to the Democratic convention, and the process of recovering from it, I completely forgot about the fact that I was one of several D.C.-area bloggers profiled in MetroWeekly this week, until someone emailed to compliment me on the write-up and photograph. It just happened that the day the photographer came by was a day I took off and spent with Parker before heading off to Denver.


Advances in technology are often heralded as labor-saving enhancements of our way of life. Yet the technology often seems to simply create avenues for even more labor. Be that as it may, with a partner, a day job and two young sons in Chevy Chase, Md., Terrance Heath has embraced the new and carved out a blogging niche of his own during his spare time, despite his claim that ”somebody in my house always needs something.”

Without the advent of the Web, Heath likely wouldn’t have to make time in his schedule for blogging on his site, The Republic of T. Then again, he probably wouldn’t be able to leave as big a mark on the world, either.

”I don’t consider myself a reporter or journalist,” he says. ”I’m not going out and breaking stories or interviewing people. If I had the time and resources, maybe I would. What I do — what a lot of people do — is take things happening in the news in areas we’re looking at, that wouldn’t otherwise get national prominence or widespread reading, and amplify them.”

Heath cites the example of Zach Stark, a gay Tennessee teen sent by his parents to an ”ex-gay” camp in 2005 and who wrote about the experience on his MySpace page.

It was great to be included with the other bloggers in the article — Lara Varlas and Ben Carver – The New Gay, John Aravosis – Americablog, Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Dish, Jim Barrett –, Mike Rogers – Page One News Media — and it was particularly fun to do the photo-shoot. The photographer wanted to photograph us in the context our lives, including our blogging.

As you can see, Parker was more than happy to join in the photo-shoot, rounding out the “blogger/gay dad” theme. (He also supplied the toy cars you see on coffee table, which is actually where they are most of the time when they’re not on the floor.) In fact, I think he was in most of the pictures. We’d just come from seeing Star Wars: The Clone Wars (his pick) and visiting the National Air and Space Museum. So, when we got home Parker donned his Power Rangers regalia, and strike several poses. He was tickled to see his picture on the computer when I showed him the article online, and to be in a magazine with Daddy.

Oh, and as for where I find the time to blog? Lately, it’s costing me a coupla hours sleep every night.

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