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Digest for September 3rd

Here are some of the people writing about some of the stuff I wish I had time to write about, for September 3rd from 09:09 to 09:52:

  • Box Turtle Bulletin » Palin’s Misunderstanding of History – In responding to a 2006 Gubernatorial questionnaire from socially conservative Eagle Forum Alaska, the GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin (then running for governor) gave the following answer: 11. Are you offended by the phrase “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance? Why or why not? SP: Not on your life. If it was good enough for the founding fathers, its good enough for me and I’ll fight in defense of our Pledge of Allegiance. Palin seems a bit unfamiliar with the history of the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Pharyngula: We prefer our Jebus impotent, please – Somebody took offense again. An art museum in England is exhibiting some controversial statues, and of course some kook can't just stay away, they have to make sure no one else gets to see them.
  • Box Turtle Bulletin » Republican Delegates Support Civil Unions – Republican voters support marriage with 11%, civil unions with 28%, and no recognition with 57%. Fewer delegates support marriage (4%), but many more support civil unions (43%). Astonishly, more Republican delegates support recognition of same sex couples (49%) than do not (46%).*
  • Box Turtle Bulletin » Happy Birthday, Evelyn Hooker – Today is the 101st anniversary of Dr. Evelyn Hooker’s birth. Dr. Hooker, the psychologist widely credited with helping to establish that homosexuality is not inherently linked to mental illness, was born September 2, 1907, in North Platte, Nebraska. She was the sixth of nine children
  • Booman Tribune ~ Palin is Their McKinney – To scare the Establishment the way Palin in scaring the Establishment, we would have to nominate Dennis Kucinich or Cynthia McKinney. But neither of those candidates would fire up more than a tiny fraction of our elected delegates. Most Democrats would see their nomination as an act of irresponsible political suicide. In other words, our party delegates are a lot more practical.
  • Conservatives: Candidates’ Children Off-Limits (Unless Their Parents Are Dems) | PEEK | AlterNet – With all the right-wing finger wagging about the inviolate right of children of candidates and officials to be above comment, I thought we might fire up the flux capacitor and travel back to that distant time in the past when Chelsea Clinton’s parents were in the White House and see what the right-wing was saying about Chelsea.

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