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The Palin Problem

I haven’t had time to write anything about McCain’s VP pick, because I’ve been at home with Dylan — who’s apparently cutting his top front teeth, which makes him really irritable — since yesterday (daycare is closed), and probably won’t have anything to post today for the same reason. I do have a couple of posts I’m working on which, with nay luck, will get posted before the end of the week.

In the meantime, I have a question.

Which is worse. That McCain’s choice of Palin was essentially a roll of the dice? Or that after a vetting process that started in May and encompassed 21 names (though the vetting team only arrived in Alaska one day before the announcement, and McCain met her only once before making the offer) and she really is the best they could do?

One. Heartbeat. Away.

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  1. John McCain had essentially thrown away this election the moment he picked Palin. even conservatives are convinced that this thing is sooo over. here’s that some of them *really* think when the mic is off the air –