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Backhanded Compliment

Ouch. I’ve heard of “If you can’t say something nice about anyone, don’t say anything at all,” and I’m pretty sure stating the obvious doesn’t count as “saying something nice.” So, what’s one to make of Condi Rice’s ringing endorsement of Sarah Palin?

In a less-than-hearty endorsement, Rice declined to say anything more positive about Palin than “she gave a terrific speech” and “she’s a governor of a state here in the United States” during her interview with Zain Verjee of CNN.

She’s a governor of a state here in the United States? Well, yeah. That about as much of an endorsement at saying “She walks on two legs and breathes air.” She gave a terrific speech? Well, that’s debatable when it comes to content, but in terms of delivery and being a crowd pleaser at the Republican convention, yeah. That’s about as much of an endorsement as saying “She sure can talk.”

You know, what’s not said is sometimes as important as was is said. That said, I would love to hear what Condoleeza Rice — a woman who, despite my disagreement with her on just about everything and her part in getting us into Iraq, is imminently more qualified than Palin to be V.P. or President — really thinks about McCain’s pick.

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