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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-12

  • Curious about: Why anyone with as much money as Cindy McCain would have to steal to support an addiction. ( ) #


  1. Once you’re asking a volunteer doc on staff with your self-made nonprofit to put his license on the line by writing fraudulent scripts… and implicating 3 of your org’s employees in felonies without their knowledge… while deceiving family and friends, at least for a while… why bother adding to the audit trail by paying for the drugs out of a personal account, or reimbursing the nonprofit?

    Ugly, ugly, ugly.

    I’d be more understanding if the revelations had been accompanied by verifiable info about the diversion and treatment programs she completed. Instead, the only confirmed facts are that McCain suffered embarrassment and loss of a hobby while others lost their livelihoods.

  2. im convinced cindy mccain is an alien, look at her!

  3. This story has burned me to a nub since it first broke in the ’90s. Anyone with Cindy Lou’s money and connections can find a pain specialist who will appropriately treat a legitimate physical condition. What such a doctor will not do is to knowingly write scripts for hundreds of units of pain medication without knowing to whom they are going, how many per day, and why. Since Cindy wanted to toss her pills down like salt peanuts, she couldn’t do it legitimately. So she lied, cheated, and stole, and her husband’s Senate staff got her the diplomatic passport that allowed her to go through customs without having her drug stash examined. Tom Gosinski initially sued the McCains only after learning that Cindy had chosen to “opt out” of the unemployment system for her medical “charity,” meaning her ex-employee was stuck with no benefits. McCain’s lawyer turned the matter on its head and countersued Gosinski for “extortion.” Nice, huh?